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First Grade Wrap-Up: Aaron


Age 6, First Grade

Aaron, 1st Grade Year


  • Aaron is essentially a reader. He can read almost any children’s book you give him, stumbling on a word here and there. He has turned from basically where Naim is now (Cat in a hat kind of stuff) to being able to read almost anything. He needs to improve speed and vocabulary, of course, but he basically turned literate this year.
  • I give Amy and math playground an awful lot of credit for his math skills. He does fine in our math, but he advanced a lot into different areas with her. He can skip count 2, 5, 10, 100, etc. He understands place value. He understands all four operations and has a basic working memory of addition facts. He understands basic fractions and data graphing, etc.
  • His handwriting continues to be highly legible and neat. He has very few letter reversals.
  • His science knowledge is probably in the junior highish level. He is incredibly motivated and interested in science. I give Dwight a lot of credit here. He has almost been entirely unschooled in science and it is his best subject out of pretty much doing well in every area (except PE).
  • His drawing and constructing skills continue to improve and it is a highly motivating area for him. He is constantly building more elaborate things. He can follow instructions and build his own projects with very little help. He is good with color and perspective in art.
  • He still does not enjoy physical activity. He does not run much and is not interested in sports. But I have seen improvements in coordination and endurance.
  • He is still a highly enthusiastic free-spirit. His enthusiasm for life and his ability to live in the moment is infectious. It does get him in trouble when he sometimes can’t see beyond set backs and gets overly emotional about them. But he is still a kid that you just have to throw out there and he will love to learn about anything he finds.
  • He is not a joiner, still, but he has improved at being able to participate in group classes. Most notably at Village Home. He is comfortable there, but still struggles sometimes in one-off camps and classes.
  • He is a very social kid who instantly finds friends wherever he goes.
Data Summaries for First Grade:
So, yeah, I’m just copying this from what I did with Naim since it is so similar. I suspect I will not be able to do this for very much longer. These are rough since September did not get blogged and when Nik started his job, it took me a few weeks to recoup and keep records.
Number of Days Spent in Homeschool Activities:
Home Instruction: 94
Camps and Classes: 108
Fieldtrips and Activities: 48
Total: 215



  • HOP-Kindergarten Level 2
  • HOP-First Grade Level 1
  • Calvert Math Kindergarten
  • Calvert Math First Grade
  • Calvert Kindergarten-Reading (Fall)
  • Sylvan K: Word Games, Sight Words
  • Word Time
  • Handwriting Without Tears Letters and Numbers for Me
Books and Media:
  • Usborne Phonics Readers
  • Bob Books Box 2: Advanced Beginners
  • Usborne Very First Readers
  • PBS Kids: Fetch
  • Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
  • Passports Program
  • Magic Schoolbus Young Scientists Club
  • BrainPop
  • Magic Schoolbus Adventures App (iPad)
  • Mythbusters (lots and lots)
  • How Its Made (lots)
  1. PCM: Lego Castle
  2. Jackson Bottom Wetlands: Bucket Biology
  3. Junie B. Jones, Jingle Bells, Batman Smells
  4. Playdate PDX
  5. Pumpkin Farm
  6. Mt. Saint Helens
  7. Children’s Museum Halloween Party
  8. Stubb Stewart State Park
  9. UUCCWC Circle Supper
  10. Outdoors In (Multiple times)
  11. Turkey Trot
  12. Zoo Lights
  13. Great Wolf Lodge
  14. NWCT Willy Wonka
  15. Pump It Up, Jr.
  16. Glowing Greens Miniature Golf
  17. OCT Magic Schoolbus
  18. World Forestry Center
  19. OMSI
  20. Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals
  21. Great Wolf Lodge (Again)
  22. NWCT Busytown
  23. Washington County Easter Egg Hunt
  24. Portland Children’s Museum
  25. Out of This World
  26. Glowing Greens
  27. Tualatin Hills Nature Park/Interpretive Center
  28. Rose Festival
  29. Portland Children’s Museum (Art Day)
  30. Goddard Party (BJ the Clown)
  31. The Outpost/Superhero Camp
  32. OHEN Convention
  33. Hillsboro Fourth of July Parade
  34. (w/Susannah) The OutPost, Out of this World, Cats and Dogs Revenge (Movie), Sleepover
  35. The Outpost/Goddard Ice Cream Social and Puppet Show
  36. Celebrate Hillsboro Days/Saturday Market
  37. Portland Children’s Museum and John Ellingson Storytime
  38. Oral Hull Foundation for the Blind Family Camp
  39. The OutPost/Presto the Magician
  40. The OutPost/Mad Science
  41. Library/Reptile Man
  42. OutPost (Farm Equipment)/Library (Summer Reading Program)
  43. Outdoors In/Fountain
  44. BugFest

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