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July 4-5, 2012

We went to the Hillsboro Parade on July 4th. Last year, Naim and I were in it and didn’t get to see anything, this year we watched. I think being in it is more fun, but now I think I would be a better “parader” because I know what people do that is more interesting/entertaining to watch and interact with. I wonder if the NFB would have an entry and have a bunch of blind people traveling. We could rock that. And pass out candy and Braille cards or something? Or the fucking laws? Anyway, it was pretty fun and all the pics are on Nik’s phone, so would have to get those later. Went to eat watermelon in the park and kids went to D’s house. Later D and I and A and N went around the neighborhood to look at fireworks.

Thursday the kids and I went to the OutPost. Naim did superhero training where they “leaped over buildings” which were really those exercise steps. Avery and Aaron and I spent a lot of time in the ball pit (well Avery did, because it was for under 4s) and Avery and I checked out the science experiment which was about sound waves. We also stopped by the library and finally signed up for summer reading.

In the afternoon, we continued the bacteria experiments in the agar petri dishes. Naim put his dirty and then washed hands on one, and then the other one has cell samples of tongue, toes, hair and arm skin. And now we shall grow bacteria!

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