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July 9-12, 2013

Naim in his soccer gear. We have GOT to get him new socks.

This is soccer camp for Naim this week. Because they changed the location at the last minute, he has been going with Susannah. Aaron has been hanging out with them, too. I have not seen any of soccer, but it seems to be going OK. Aaron has gone to the OutPost, seen a dollar movie, gone to out of this world pizza, and now is going to a sleepover. I think for him it is the best week ever. Soccer ended ok, I guess. It is hard to figure out what is going on from Naim. And then they had an impromptu sleepover with Susannah and went to the Outpost again. Good week for them.

Avery had Goddard Monday.

He went with me to work Tuesday morning at Ds.

And went to Goddard Wednesday. He was cute when I picked him up Wednesday. Traci said he got upset that she didn’t let him turn off and on the computer, but he gave her a hug when we left. He likes to have me carry him home so that he can point to everything he sees on the way and I can tell him what it is called. He is cataloging language alright. I think he wants to get the whole world cataloged correctly before he decides to use it.

Thursday was low key, we went to the park and had the day to ourselves.

Friday’s Goddard Freely report

, where they FREELY took a nature walk around the school. (I guess that means they weren’t handcuffed?)

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