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July 17, 2012

Went to the OutPost and the library. Saw Susannah and her kids, Lily and her kids. Naim did superhero training. Avery has not eaten much today, mostly fruit and water, but no vomiting and seems better although I was holding him a lot this morning at the park. This afternoon we went to Goddard for and ice cream social and a puppet show.

Also forgot to post earlier that this weekend we went through every inch of both Avery’s and Aaron/Naim’s room and cleaned it out. (Avery barfed all over his nice, clean room before I got pics.) I’m going room by room cleaning out stuff so I can make the big list of repairs and updates that need to happen. I don’t know at this point if anything major is going to happen this year. The carpet needs replacing, the floor rebuffed and the walls painted. I am loath to do that before Avery is potty trained and over being a toddler. This summer we are working on the yard. So next summer or the one after that maybe. But for now, the house is driving me insane, so at least it can be cleaned out of crap.

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