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May 2, 2012

Today Avery had Head Start but since my dad was here and with the TV on, he was distracted and didn’t do much. He banged on one of those hammer and peg things and screwed and unscrewed toy nuts and bolts. He looked at a book with a caterpillar in it but that was it for him.

Fred took us to Out of This World Pizza as per Naim’s request. They did a lot of running, climbing playing there. Aaron ran off with some girl and spent all of his time with her. Naim played with Avery some and me sone, and got Fred to climb up a climb-y thing and go down a slide. We also went in the inflateables. Avery was very happy running all over, but as per usual I had to watch him to break up fights with other kids, mostly due to his inability to communicate with them.

Hard to capture from below, but Fred and Naim climbing up the play structure.

And sliding down. Fred wouldn’t fit in the tube slides.

Big kids worked on wood helicopters in the afternoon. They (Fred, he didn’t let them help much) assembled them and painted them, and will put decals on tomorrow. They made helicopter pads for them. Naim got frustrated with Fred’s disorganization and going too fast. He came to me wanting my help because “Fred is just in a different Galaxy and can’t get his brain organized. Do you know what I mean?”

Aaron painting his helicopter.

And Naim with his.

Yes, I’ve known what you mean for 40 years. Heh.

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