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July 24, 2012

Still felt crappy, but within tolerable limits. Felt sorry for kids who have been puttering around for the last two days, so bucked up and took them to PCM. We saw my (gay) boyfriend, John Ellingson do story time as a special guest. I love him. and Naim, especially loves him. If Naim keeps doing NWCT classes, I think he will be starstruck if he ever gets to the point of having Ellingson as a teacher. (He only teaches the advanced classes.) Even Avery sat fairly well for him. We are rarely ever that excited to do story time there, but he was fun, his voice projected, he acted out the stories with different voices, and he can do the most believable fake laugh ever.

Then went to clay area to pick up Aaron’s boat that he fired last time. I thought he could paint it there, but we brought it home to paint. Naim did another tie-dye for Nik, and then just general playing around. We build was almost identical to last year, where I famously figured out that Avery was possibly autistic and if not, had to finally admit that Something Needed to be Done~ and thus headed into the wonderful world of EI. He is both the same and different. It was like the IFSP meeting. You could see all the improvements he has made over the last year, but you could also see how there is still a big gap between him and typically developing children. But, I am way less stressed about it this year, and we are slowly moving through it and he will be who he will be. But despite pushing myself through ongoing pain and fatigue, fun day and glad I went.

Oh! Also want to mention that I am noticing a new manipulation tactic in Aaron’s employ. So, he goes to the fenced off messy garage area and the staff person wants me to come in with him to help him with glue guns and stuff. I say I have a two year old. She says he can come, too. I say, It won’t be pretty, he has just sat for story time and for big kids doing clay and stuff, he is not in a sitting mood. Besides, Aaron has approximately 467 times as much experience using a glue gun as I do. I have used one exactly once, and he has used one in about 8 billion classes and camps, he will be fine, I say. She reluctantly lets me off the hook. So, to be a good responsible parent, I did go check on him a few times, and once she comes over to me and tells me how great he is doing and how he told her that his parents were visually impaired and how she was sorry she asked me to help him with the glue gun. OK, BIG FAT ROLL MY EYES TO THE BACK OF MY HEAD! He has figured out that by playing the “all my parents are disabled” card, he gets SO MUCH ATTENTION. I mean, it is quite amazing how much attention he can solicit for himself, using this and other methods. But people act like since he has disabled parents he must be neglected and forlorn at home and that they are his only opportunity in LIFE to use the glue gun, because god forbid his parents can’t help him use one at home. So, of course, immediately I had to go in and use the glue gun right in front of her, lest she thinks we actually are too “impaired” to use a glue gun. Eh, he’s fine. I say. He just likes to tell others his whole life story. I will turn him into a piss-ass, militant disabled advocate yet. He’s not pulling that shitty PR when I’m present. Geez, can’t use a glue gun, my ass.


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