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August 24, 2012

We started Hooked on Phonics K Level 1 over a year and a half ago. (with Aaron after finishing the preschool program). Then Naim did 2 more preschool HOP workbooks and 30 of the 40 DER Lessons before we started it again. It has been a long time coming and lots of frustration to finish this one. But he did it and although he has a ways to go to be fully literate, he is a reader and he CAN read. This was a homeschooling milestone, because it was hard fought. And there are celebratory brownies!

So that ^ happened. And other stuff:

  • Naim reviewed Lesson 15 in DER
  • We did Calvert 7.10 about combinations and did some of the end of the chapter practice stuff. All is left is the Ch. 7 review and test.
  • Both did 2 pp. in their respective Sylvan books.
  • Naim did the bonus workbook in HOP and reread “Tim and Sam” and then we called that one finished.
  • Aaron did the worksheets for Lesson 4 in his HOP.
  • Sentence School was “Ben creeps. Ben leaps.” more on subject/verb agreement.
  • HWT was punctuation.
  • We made brownies in the afternoon.

Avery went to school and seems to overall be in so much better mood than last couple of weeks. Here is his Freely report. He was funny this afternoon in that he got his toy stroller into his crib, got into it himself and got stuck in the straps. He started crying and he was standing up in his bed with a toy umbrella stroller strapped to his butt. And then he didn’t go back to sleep. Sigh.

Aaron and Naim impressed us at Dinner with an impromptu demonstration of space-time and black holes using a blanket and various balls to show us how space time bends with larger mass and gravity is that force that pulls the smaller mass item (in our case a ping pong ball) towards the larger (soccer ball) item on the blanket (space-time). He actually said, “Do you want the Isaac Newton Theory or the more current Albert Einstein one?” That there is what you call being Unschooled!

We wanted to go to Oral Hull’s 50th Celebration this weekend. I have a soft spot for Oral Hull and was also going to see if I wanted to apply for the board. But we ran into transportation issues again. We asked for carseat and to not be driven by a specific driver that word on the street tells us is legally blind. (And this street is pretty solid as far as evidence goes.) I also strongly suspect that her previous vision loss caused losses to her visual cortex that she may have not been able to recover, which may be the reason she has no navigational (visual spatial) skills to speak of.  They couldn’t seem to guarantee that, (and there is talk of reporting her to the DMV, but it is not something that I, personally can pursue, so I’m leaving it to the proper authorities.) Although I like this person, I absolutely refuse to put my family in the car with her. I have seen first-hand how dangerous she is. And the fact that Oral Hull cannot seem to  take care of this matter which is likely an accident waiting to happen pretty much makes me want to end my relationship with them. It’s sad, though. Because there is a lot of good going on there. I’ll keep half an ear on them and see if anything changes in the future.

So, other plans for the weekend. Maybe bug fest?

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