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September 9, 2012

Kids started the church year at the downtown UU church.

Avery started at “Junior Preschool” which is another way to say “Childcare for kids who aren’t babies.” He is in a new, larger room and his teacher is James, who does not know sign but seems nice enough. There were cars so that helped. He was a little hesitant at first, but he did not do too badly for his first day in a new room with new people.

Aaron and Naim went to their 1st/2nd grade classrooms. They are in separate classrooms as per Naim’s request. It seemed to go OK for Naim, but Nik went up a few minutes early to get Aaron and he was getting a talking to out in the hall for-and I quote-“an exposure issue.” Which Nik had to process for a minute that this meant he mooned the class. (insert big, fat, exasperated eye-roll here.) So, he seemed embarrassed and was talked to by all of us about the inappropriateness of it. But he does this thing like he is so scared when he gets in trouble . (He balls up and puts his finger in his ears and starts whimpering about how scared he is.) I think the people must think we beat him or something, but it is kind of all for show, I guess. Or it is that he doesn’t think about what he is doing and gets surprised when he gets in trouble for it so it seems like a big, scary thing to him.

Oh, I just have been informed, it wasn’t mooning like I originally thought, it was flashing. EVEN BIGGER EYE ROLL….sigh.

After church, I took the kids to their VH back to school picnic. The weather was kind of cold, so it wasn’t a huge turn out, but we talked to Lori and did an art project, they played ping pong and on the playground. It was ok.

Naim playing ping pong.

Beaverton Park just put in these ping pong tables recently. The ping pong stuff was borrowed from VH families. Aaron found that goddawful hat lying on the street and wore it all day.

Village Home Classes-Fall 2012

Math Playground!

Welcome (and welcome back) to the Math Playground!

The goal of the Math Playground is to provide a creative, hands-on environment to explore a wide range of mathematical concepts for early elementary learners (Kindergarten through approximately 2nd grade). We have learners with different levels of math understanding and math skills, so there will be activities with different levels of challenge.

Your learner might not be interested in all of the activities, and might find some of them too challenging or not challenging enough. That’s perfectly fine — just as on an outdoorplayground, sometimes you only want a gentle swing, and other times you want to go down the tall slide headfirst with your eyes closed. The important thing is to give learners the opportunity to experience the joy of exploration and discovery in math at their own pace.

Each week we start the class with a story relating to that week’smath theme, and then the learners have the opportunity to try different games and activities.

The weekly themes for the fall term (subject to adjustment to reflect the learners’ interests) are:

Week 1: Introductions, building equations without numbers
Week 2: Sequences and patterns
Week 3: Addition and subtraction
Week 4: Symmetry
Week 5: Sets and attributes
Week 6: Telling time (also Picture Day)
Week 7: Doubling and multiplying
Week 8: Dividing
Week 9: Money
Week 10: End of term celebration (Animal Math)

Many of the in-class activities can be checked out for the week, if your learner would like more time to explore the activity. HOWEVER, many of the activities have small parts that could pose a choking hazard for younger children.

We have a full class this term, so I will be asking parents to sign up to help in 2 class sessions this term. Helpers are there to provide reading help for non-readers, to play games if a learner is looking for a partner, and to be available in case I need an extra pair of hands.

Because of the full class (and small classroom), I need to ask that younger siblings do NOT stay in the classroom unless you are signed up to help that week.

Theater for Kids

Course Description:

Have you ever pretended to be someone else just for fun? Maybe you’ve played dress up with mom or dad’s old clothes and acted out a story with your friends. Or maybe you just like to move and play!

We’ll put stories into action through a series of physical activities, improv games, and role playing exercises. Together through play we’ll learn the “who, what, where” of narrative structure in order to develop our creativity, connect with each other, and think on our feet!

Important Notes:

Wear clothing and shoes in which you feel comfortable moving. Bring a water bottle and a snack.

Course Goals:

Through participation in this course, you will:

– Build an ensemble by playing theatre games.
– Learn basic theatrical vocabulary.
– Explore stagecraft, including voice, body, space, and collaboration.
– Create and perform scenes and stories based on ideas discussed as a group.
– Perform created pieces for friends and family.

InterActive Theater

Come to this class and interact with plays full of grammar, dances, and history songs, accompanied by silly stories and funny jokes that bring the past to life. Bad Wolf Press has created a selection of theater shows that help kids understand and retain the facts of history, language arts and geography. Each term we’ll perform a different play selection from Bad Wolf Press in an experience to remember for audiences and performers alike!

Engineers Gone Wild

ENGINEERS GONE WILD Instructor: Erich Schmidt Syllabus – Fall 2012

This class will be all about taking things apart and putting things together. We’ll be studying machines, how they work, mechanical advantage, and then building our own machines. We’ll build some of Da Vinci’s most famous machines, but we’ll get a little help from modern tools. We’ll study motion and how to make things move, gears, pulleys, and more! Electronics is also on the docket, even learning about how circuit boards work. And then our crowning achievement will be a gigantic Rube Goldberg machine that we will set up at next summer’s picnic using everything we’ve learned the whole year.

We are asking everyone’s help in making this class the most awesome experience!

1) Pleasedonateyourelectronics,appliances(small)orbikestoourclass.

2) Please watch the blog for announcements of “stuff we need” – generally it’ll be extra wood, maybe an old garden hose, or perhaps we’ll need cardboard. It’s hard to know what we’ll be inspired to build too far in advance, but we’ll give you as much notice as possible.

I look forward to working with everyone this year in building some awesome machines!

Junior lego Building Club

Self-directed basic lego and ello construction. (No robotics.) Come in and dig through the bins and see what you can create with your friends.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Drawing has more to do with seeing than the actual mechanics of using the pencil, paint, and other media. In this class you will learn ways of tricking your brain into shifting sides (from your left to your right) so that you can “see” people and objects in the three dimensional world in a way that makes it easy to depict on a two dimensional plane. It’s a matter of learning to see things’ real shapes by looking at them with loving attention.
This class is suitable for the beginner as well as the more advanced. If you have taken this class in the past, there will be room for you to expand your knowledge and skills in this new class, as there will be many new projects and drawings to draw, as well as room for individualization in the exercises that you may have done before.
Using the ideas and exercises from the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, learners will explore the basic skills of drawing such as the perception of edges, spaces, relationships, lights, and shadows, and the whole. Then we’ll add color, memory, imagination and feeling to make our amazing drawings. This class will include many messy and wonderful mediums for us to explore and dive into, including pencil, charcoal, pastel, working on paper and canvas, and boards, so come prepared to get messy!
In all of my classes, I strive to create a valuable and enjoyable experience for all of the different individuals in the class. I value and appreciate individual expression and interest and do my best to encourage young artists to explore at their own pace and allow for their own artistic whimsies, while at the same time gently guiding them to grow and learn the skills that will give them confidence and joy as an artist. I’m exited to create with you!


In this interdisciplinary class, learners will have time to explore and learn together. Each day will have a routine that includes plenty of time for explorations, free playtime, circle time, play-acting, show-and-tell, singing, arts and crafts, and time to play outdoors too. In this gently-guided class, Discoverers have opportunity to build their interpersonal skills while learning age-appropriate material.


We’ve selected what we deem to be the most exciting, inspiring labs OMSI has to offer for this age group, and they will even visit the planetarium and see an IMAX movie (parents pay $8.50 at the door for the movie). These labs meet monthly (only fight traffic once a month). Lab explorations based on state standards, in all of the branches of science for the young scientists ages 5 – 8 are a fun introduction to science at OMSI.
Labs Meet from 10:00- 10:50 on the following Fridays:
September 21 Welcome to the Solar System
October 19, States of Matter
November 16, Hot and Cold Chemistry
December 14 Planetarium Double Feature
January 18, FAbulous Fossils
February 22, Pond Scum and Salmon
March 22, IMAX Movie Feature TBA
April 19, Bridges
May 17, Physics Phenomenon
No Meeting in June