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October 22, 2012

Avery went to Goddard. I am kind of hating on that train table in the lobby. He is starting to have fits if I take him away from it, and I have to get him out of there because of big kids. The last few days it has been a screamfest.

Big Kids:

  • Naim did Lesson 27 in DER
  • We worked with the Montessori golden beads for some place value work, and that went well. Then we did the Calvert Ch. 8 review stuff with the idea that we would do the test and finish the chapter, but Naim struggled with rounding and skip counting so much today I decided they need another day of review before the test.
  • Both did two pp. of respective Sylvan books
  • Naim did DVD and book of Lesson 3 in HOP.
  • Aaron did review, reread “Over My Head” to Naim, did the online game and two review worksheets for Unit 2 review in his HOP.
  • Both did #1-6 in HWT
  • We did lesson 2 in atelier art. This was about Picasso so we watched a brain pop about Picasso and painted with mixed colors.

Working on Artelier art. He WAS dressed in his General Grevous costume, but took it off so he wouldn’t get paint on it.

Aaron’s work, next to the Picasso one. It isn’t supposed to be a copy, just an idea. The lesson is actually focused on mixing primary colors.

Naim’s painting.



October 21, 2012

Church today. Naim actually lit the chalice in the big sanctuary, but I didn’t know they were going to do that, so I was in the chapel. He was very excited though. I wish I would have seen him.

Anyway, Avery was all good, Naim was all good…they made spiders with egg cartons and pipe cleaners. Aaron had a semi-meltdown. The teacher said it was not a behavior  problem, he just didn’t like how his spider was working out so he got sad and quit and sulked in the corner. He didn’t eat snack (which we brought and it was what he wanted, graham crackers and strawberries), even though they invited him several times because he said he was sad and didn’t think that they wanted him to join them. And then got all upset because they ate all the strawberries. He had asked if I would go with him to class today, and I said if the FM system didn’t work, I would. But the FM system worked for the first time in over a month, so I didn’t go. So, I don’t know if that was it or what.

October 20, 2012

Naim had soccer and won the game, so their team has a pretty good record.

After soccer they went to BFG, Big Friendly Giant at NWCT. Before they got there (they=Nik, Naim, Aaron) they stopped at the Burnside McDonald’s where someone apparently screamed and found a newborn baby in the toilet. Meanwhile, Nik and kids were in the mens room changing out of Naim’s soccer gear while someone in the next stall was shooting up. Don’t know the whole story, but some guy who was a army medic got the baby out of the toilet and wrapped it up in paper towels. The EMTs were called and all were taken to the hospital. It sounds like the mother was there, she did not abandon her baby in the toilet, just had it in the toilet and then sort of didn’t know what to do. Sad. As I told Nik, you do not have your baby in the McDonald’s bathroom unless you’ve got big problems. Hopefully they all will get the help they need. But sigh. The kids were really excited about it, but it was a hard question to answer why someone would have their baby there. We talked about homelessness a bit, which we’ve talked about before. I lit a candle for her and baby at Church today.


They all really liked BFG. My Boyfriend John Ellingson was BFG and Nik said he had a really good Scottish accent. After they went to the dollar store and got a few decorations for Holloween and went to D’s house for the afternoon.

Meanwhile, at home, Avery and I did a little bit of Buttercups stuff. He did a puzzle that he pasted the pieces together, we made a paper bag scarecrow. He really liked crumbling up the paper and stuffing it in the bag. And the gluestick.

October 19, 2012

Avery had his parent teacher conference. All well. Mostly talked about potty training and how he needs to do that to move to the next classroom. He would go to the class of 3 year olds with 20 kids! But I think our tuition would go down by about $100. So, incentive! We have kind of started already talking about it, reading books, getting used to the idea. But have not gone hardcore. I am planning to in mid-late November. She did not have a copy of his little developmental checklist thing they do. I will add that if she gets it to me. She gave me a pile of artwork. It looks like he participates in whatever to some extent. There is painting with different things (sponges, etc.) He also got his picture proofs. They are cute.

Kids had OMSI lab day. It was states of matter in the chemistry lab. They did a bunch with dry ice. Then we went to Grossology-which I thought was really cool. And gross. And then played around a bit more. Took the new streetcar line to the max instead of doing the bridge/bus thing. It took a bit longer but was ok. Aaron told everyone that he is  donor sperm kid when someone asked him if he looked like his mom or dad. I just let it go. It is his story to tell, though we might have a talk about when and where to tell some stories about yourself.

So, pictures.

October 18, 2012

Avery went to Goddard. Traci says he is sick of his lunch and doesn’t eat it. It cracked me up because I never know what Nik packs, but when she started telling me what he had today I could have recited it. So, it isn’t only me who sees Nik’s lack of creativity around meals. I think it must come from not being able to just go and scan around the kitchen to see what’s there, you fall back on the same things. I have done dinner menus for him, so now I think I need to make a list of lunch ideas, too. Wait–didn’t I do that already once or twice? Where do those things go?

Big Kids:

  • Naim did Lesson 26 of DER
  • We did 8.11 and a practice/review in Calvert Math
  • They did each 2 pp. of Sylvan. Aaron started his new 2nd grade book. It is not too hard for him, it is just right. But he has a lot more writing than he is used to and he is being a whiner about it.
  • Naim did worksheets, review of words, and shared reading and song in HOP Lesson 2.
  • Aaron did a worksheet and reread “Over My Head” for HOP Lesson 8. (And told me all about DNA and RNA and drew double helixes on his paper.)
  • Did HWT #1-5
  • Watched BrainPop Jr. about 100 and skip counting
  • Watched BrainPop about two party system and elections
  • Did Lesson 2 in Maps, Globes and Graphs (which is going to become MMG)
  • Did Little Passports to India
  • Naim practiced his lines and songs for his play (Aaron helped.)
  • Naim had soccer.

Soccer pics came at soccer practice today:

October 16, 2012

Naim wanted me to take a picture of his 2s chart.

VH Day

Naim had math playground, drama and interact theater. Aaron had engineering in which he made a small catapult out of craft sticks, binder clips and a spoon. Apparently this lead later to raisins being shot across the interact classroom, which scandalized Naim. Aaron did say that he picked them up and we did have a big talk about how Naim agreed to let him share the class with him so he needs to be respectful of that. Naim and I talked about how Aaron’s behavior is Aaron’s responsibility and Hillary and I will work with him on it, he does not have to worry about it. Hillary did not say anything to me, so either she handled it or we just didn’t cross paths.

Avery and I played in the playroom, went to Library story time where the theme was opposites and he did a craft, and briefly played at the park.

I started Tuesday/Wednesday homework.

  • Naim did Sylvan 4 pp., a practice page of numbers and worked with the hundreds board on skip counting with 2s.
  • Aaron did not have his new Sylvan book yet (came the next day) so he just did the  numbers practice and the hundreds board.

Naim had soccer.

October 15, 2012

Avery’s Freely. Am I going to get to Avery’s Buttercups today? If you are reading this, the answer must be no.

Jean came to see Avery at Goddard today. What she said:

I saw Avery in class this morning and spoke with his teacher about what she saw as his biggest communication needs in class at this time.  She will take pictures of the different center areas, the tractor and bikes outside and of the bathroom.  She will also take a picture of him when he is happy and when he is upset to see if we can help him identify what he is feeling so he can better tell them or show them what is upsetting him.  I have explained to her how we would use the pictures but she is going to let me know when they are ready and I will go and model how to use them in class.  He was very quiet today.  He followed the routine directions very well.

Big Kids:

  • Naim did Lesson 25 in DER
  • Both did Lesson 8.10 in Calvert Math. Skip counting by 2. It took forever and I think I will have them work more with the hundreds board on this. We are wrapping up this chapter in Calvert and then will make the switch.
  • Both did 2 pp. of respective Sylvan books. Aaron is done with his. I have ordered him the 2nd grade language arts book but it hasn’t come yet. He gets a day or two off from Sylvan, then.
  • Naim did Bonus book for HOP lesson 2 and reread story.
  • Aaron did book and DVD for Lesson 8 in HOP. Almost time to order 2nd Grade for him.
  • Both did #4 in HWT. Naim does ok, actually with numbers in handwriting. He just doesn’t seem to transfer to other subjects.
  • Did first chapter of Maps, Globes and Graphs (Level A) It is too easy for them but it does a nice intro and transition to cardinal directions on a map and in real life, so I think we can burn through it quickly.
  • Did Experiment 3 in Magic Schoolbus solar system