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August 21, 2012

No outpost today. So we went to outdoors in, had a picnic on the Hillsboro Plaza and then played in the fountain. I was still recovering so was taking it a bit easy for this field trip. Maybe Thursday we can do something more substantial.

Also Naim started soccer practice tonight. He is the tallest kid, but I am not seeing that as being a big deal so far. We ran into Merlin in old Orenco and he gave the kids candy. Aaron and Avery played at the playground with some other soccer siblings, and Naim liked the practice. I nudged myself forward to trying to be social with a bunch of Public school moms/dads that have a whole different vibe than VH parents. I can’t tell you at this point whether this is good or bad or neither. One parent just went off on her toddler for throwing a piece of bark mulch at Aaron. Aaron told him to stop and he did, so I left it as problem solved. But the mom came over after the fact and made her tiny kid apologize and then put him in time out. You would not necessarily see that big of production made out of something like that at VH, especially if the kids handled it themselves ok. But, it has only been one day. I’m down with the Public School moms! I can be diverse. They seemed nice enough. Practice is every Tuesday and Thursday and games every Saturday from now until the end of October. Lets see if I live through it. (No worries about Naim, its more about me, all about me, enough about me so lets talk about me.)


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