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Avery’s “Ones” Early Preschool Wrap-Up

Age 1, Early Preschool

Avery, Ones and Twos Year


  • Avery has come so far from last year when we were freaked out about him having autism or being somewhere on the spectrum. Our efforts have been put forth to try just what works. Since last year, he started EI, private speech pathology, Goddard and various other things. Results aside, the effort that Nik and I (and others) have put in with this kid to find ways to help him have been…BIG.
  • And who can say exactly what it is that matters the most, or a bit of everything. But he went from being a noncommunicative child with almost no language skills whatsoever to being a happy, personable child that has several words and ways to communicate in his repertoire. Lets see what I can list:
  • Words (speech): here go, car, bye bye, hi, mama, water (wa wa), cracker, no, yeah, go
  • Signs: car, ball, bye, book, bus, more, train, tree, grass, bear, water, cracker, cereal, wash hands, all done, dog, helicopter, airplane, yes, go, down, apple, fish, frog
  • Receptive-wise, he understands and can follow one-step directions. He understands most things that we direct at him if done in simple sentences.
  • Motor skills-wise, I would say he is developmentally typical. He can run, bounce, kick a ball, throw a ball, go up steps alternating feet, go down steps one at a time. He still does not jump. He can hold a crayon, a fork or spoon, etc. He can feed himself with a spoon and stab things with a fork. He can get through locks on interior doors, child-proof door knobs, etc.
  • He still uses a diaper but we talk a lot about pottying and I have put the kids and Nik on alert to take him with them when they pee. We are working on pulling up pants, Goddard is working on having him sit on the toilet at diaper changes.
  • He likes cars, Thomas trains, balls, taking walks, playing outside.


  • VH-Little Villagers (Fall)
  • Early Intervention-Speech/Language Pathology
  • Private Speech/Language Pathology (Kathy Kahoma)
  • Early Head Start
  • Library Toddler Storytime
  • Goddard School: Get Set Program (Summer)
  • UU Nursery Religious Education (Winter, Spring)
  • Signing Time
  • Montessori Early Childhood-Ones

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