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Grampa Fred Visit

We have been sick (Avery, Aaron and I) since Grampa Fred left, and so have missed days at VH. But we did get a bit of school in on Avery’s first day by himself at Goddard Monday. We did:

  • Usborne Book 9: Run Rabbit Run and word bank
  • Sylvan and sylvan spelling
  • HOP Lessons for each kid (gr- and pl- for Aaron and -ip) for Naim. DVD, book and story in book.
  • Word Time
  • Handwriting lower-case s.

Other things we did with Grampa Fred:

  • OOTW Pizza
  • They went to Noodles, and McDonalds like, twice each! Went to mall to get soccer shoes for Naim.
  • Outdoors In
  • Made helicopters
  • Watched a ton of TV.
  • Went to Target to get clothes
  • Went to Church (with Fred! that was Naim’s doing, not mine)
  • Went to Glowing Greens to play mini golf
  • Went to the dog park
  • Went to 53rd street park and played soccer a bit

Here is a link to Fred’s pics and I will add a few more.

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