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Super-Mega Catch-Up Post

Nik left for work and I lost my organizational mojo. I am just starting to get it back and get more in control of day to day schedules. But got caught off guard on having time to blog homeschooling stuff. I was going to go back and fill in, but it is getting too hard now, so I will go over the highlights:


  1. Aaron and Naim went to Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals with Nik, actually via cab…and had a good time. They even got extra time to dig into the rock pit.  Pictures tell all. See below.
  2. We went to Great Wolf Lodge again, via a kick ass rate through the Xtian homeschooling group. It was sort of Nik’s last hurrah with us before he started full-time. We stayed in a regular room this time and things went much easier because we knew what we were doing and how to cut some expenses. I finally went down the watersides and can’t wait to when I can dump my kids and just go there and waterside the whole time. THEY NEED TO LEARN TO SWIM!!!! GAH! We also played Magic Quest, which is a sort of scavenger hunt game. It was fun. It makes you run all over the whole place, though. Up and down a thousand stairs. Naim went nuts for it.
  3. Naim and I went to OMSI alone. Aaron got his bionicle (which happened to be a transformer which was a major crisis but he got over it) from his teacher in measure for treasure. So Naim wanted to make a deal, too. He wanted a solo field trip if he got no bad reports from teachers. At OMSI, we went to “Flying Monsters” about prehistoric birds, went to a LEGO artist gallery, spent lots of time in science playground and a bit of time in Turbine Hall, and went on that rocket simulator thing. It was fun to go with just him alone. And easy. We need to do stuff apart more often, but hard with no childcare. We were able to do this because of a furlough day.
  4. Aaron and Naim went to the Mall with D. Not really a field trip perse, but at least they got him out of the house. The big high light was the LEGO store.
Picture dump:

Village Home

  • The winter quarter is over and we are in Spring Break. we missed some days in the last couple of weeks, which made me feel bad. But I was in big trouble for it so have promised to try harder.
  • Taking Avery is a pain. I have been going to 24 hour fitness and putting him in the playroom there. That is ok, but I end up walking about 4 or more miles when I do that. That is ok, too, but not in bad weather. Avery starts whimpering if he is out too long, it is very sad. So I have missed some days when the weather has been awful.
  • But kids have done well. Aaron got his thing for Measure for Treasure. No bad reports all around. And one day it was rainy out so Avery and I stayed there. I hung out with Avery in Little Villagers, but then left when they started circle time because he is no longer enrolled. We saw that the big kids were in their center time in Discoverers, so we went in and hung out there. Avery, with my assistance, pretty much fit right in. He played in rice and with play doh. We read books. But the cool think was seeing Naim be so social with the other kids. He acts like he can’t make friends, but then you can tell he is totally comfortable there and he gets along well with kids. I think he just gets overshadowed by Aaron sometimes. When we went to OMSI together, we must have talked to 6 different families all day long. He just went right up to these kids and started talking.
  • They LOOOOOOVE Village Home. Whenever I suggest not doing it, they reject it. They like that they get to choose their own classes, they like that they get to go as little or as much as they want. They like the kids and teachers. I’m glad I did not have to take it away from them with a move to BC.

Homeschool Work:

  • This is where I am haziest as to what we’ve done in the last month. At least specifically and number of days. So here is a summary:
  • We have finished Chapter 3 in math, which was addition facts to 10. On the test, Aaron missed one on the chapter test and none on the cumulative test. Naim got 100% on both tests. They are getting how to take tests a bit better than at first.
  • We finished Grizzly Bear Rock and A Queen Makes a Scene in the Usborne books.
  • In the Sylvan books, they are almost finished with their current books. Naim has done up to Yy and just has Zz and a review. Aaron has maybe 3 or 4 lessons in his. Aaron also continues through the first Spelling box. When he is done with it, in a couple of weeks, I will start Naim on it and see how he does.
  • I’m at a loss as to where they are in HOP right now. books are in their room and they are sleeping, so can’t go check. But they have both done a few lessons there.
  • Word Time we are up to the second to last chapter (Week 43 out of 48 weeks.) I am looking forward to getting that done. I’m now having Naim read the sentences as well. At first just Aaron was able to read them.
  • Handwriting, we are up to, oh…done with the “Magic C” letters and have the last group of upper case to do before starting on lower case. That will coincide nicely with going to the book after word time “Sentence School” where they will have to write sentences using correct capitalization.
  • We have done two units in “Little Passports.” One was on Brazil and the other on Japan. They like those.
  • We have done one unit (have a bit more to go) on Magic Schoolbus Science. We are working on magnetism.
  • I’ve kind of unofficially turned my old iPad to them. They have watched a lot of BrainPop.
  • As I get more in control of house stuff and routines, we are working more on getting them doing dishes and laundry and stuff.


  • The socializations for EHS have been a bit of a disaster. Nik went once, and that was fine. But then a woman at VH was supposed to come get the kids so I could go the next time. The first time, she was over a half hour late, and I had to send the head start bus away. The second time, she canceled at the last minute. Obviously that is not working out. So I’ve asked Danielle if they could pick me up and drop me off at VH.  Then I would just have to get a mom to be back up for them in case I am late, which would just mean sitting with them in the playroom for a few minutes, so that might be easier to get than a ride. (VH kids are not allowed to be unsupervised if they are not in class or between classes.) She is checking, so I don’t know if we are going to be able to keep doing that.
  • Home visits have been fine, but I wish they were shorter. The first half hour to 45 minutes, she works with Avery, then he starts flaking out and we spend the rest of the time gossiping about social service people and orgs we know. Which is kind of fun, but it is time consuming and keeps me from other things.
  • EI Jeanne came once and was blown away by Avery’s progress. She hasn’t seen him since early January. He was a show-off. I think we have made up regarding  private speech pathology. She is comfortable with her place, now.
  • I’m going to cross post from my other blog about his progress below.


  • Just a couple of things. Nik talked to the RE director and Avery is going to stay in the nursery for the rest of the year and start Jr. Preschool next year. Weirdly, Nik met his teacher (for next year) at OCB, she works there.
  • A and N have started to go to choir by themselves. Which I guess means that A is participating now. Then they walk by themselves to their class, which is literally 40 feet away, two doors down. All these parents wait outside choir to walk their kids down and it makes you late for service. Which for us, is a big rigamarole because I have to get FM system and we attract so much attention with the dog. Someone offered to walk my kids down for us, and I was all, “thanks, but they can do it.” They said their own kid had trouble switching classes in middle school. It is SUCH a BIG DEAL when they go to middle school and have to switch classes. And I was like, my kids have been doing it since they were 5 at VH. But I didn’t say that.
  • After getting in trouble for having conniption fits in class, now Aaron is in LOVE with his teacher, and I think vice versa. Aaron turned on the charm and now they all love each other and high five and all that. The teacher, a guy who I peg as gay, but don’t hold me to it, has grown on me a lot over the last few weeks. They REALLY like church and really want to go each week now. What a change.

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