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September 22, 2012

Naim had his soccer game this morning. They lost. 6-1. He grieved over it a little, but seemed ok with it. He is getting better and less nervous about games.

They went to a birthday party for Seth and Wyatt. Nik took them to both because I am having health problems for the last 8 days. Felt guilty but my body was not having it. Party went well, Aaron brought home one of those bead things that you cook with an iron and melt and he made a butterfly. I overcooked it a bit. I had them pick out their own birthday presents at the train store and wrap them themselves. Naim was happy that his train puzzle for Wyatt went over well, I didn’t hear much about Aaron’s playmobile for Seth.

I think that Avery is in such a desperate need for clothes, I need to do that tomorrow and since I made Nik do the whole day today, I don’t feel like I can ask for church tomorrow. So we shall skip, I think. Trying to get all these doctor appointments and stuff DONE so we can get back to routine. This week is more doctor appointments.