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Second Grade Wrap-Up: Naim

Naim, 2nd Grade Year

Naim, Age 7, Second Grade


  • He joined his first “real” soccer team and got over some nerves to be able to play in games.
  • His reading has improved, and words he could not read by sight (the, so, no, etc.) he can now read. But this year I came to the conclusion that he is not just a late reader, he likely has some form of dyslexia.
  • His math understanding has increased in knowledge of math facts and memorization. As well as concepts like double-digit addition and subtraction and place-value.
  • Although handwriting is still a big issue, it is somewhat easier to read and is less messy. He is more willing to try to write things on his own using his own creative spelling, but many times I can understand it.
  • He had his first overnight camp.
  • He has grown in his ability to understand and manage his own fears and anxieties.
  • He is becoming more organized.
  • He is learning that practice and work will pay off.
  • He is learning how to speak up for himself more and not just take crap he doesn’t want to keep the peace.
  • He has become more interested in drawing and art.
  • He has started to enjoy books and reading audiobooks on his own.
  • He has a huge imagination and is starting to come up with his own theories about things he doesn’t understand and that he needs to move on to test his theories.

This is an approximation, because there are days when he did both homeschool and a class, for example. But roughly, his “school time” was spent like this:

Classes/Camps: 120

Fieldtrips: 63

Homeschool: 105

Total: 288


  • VH Math Playground (Fall)
  • VH Drama for Kids (Fall)
  • VH Interactive Theater (Fall)
  • VH Discoverers (Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • VH Film Making (Winter, Spring)
  • VH Measure for Treasure (Winter, Spring)
  • NWCT Intro to Acting (Winter, Spring)
  • HSC Fall Soccer
  • OMSI Labs (K-2)
  • HSC Spring Soccer Camp
  • OMSI: Hit the Road Camp
  • UUCCWC: Summer UU Superheroes
  • Timbers Soccer Camp
  • Oral Hull Foundation for the Blind Family Camp
  • NWCT Camp: We’ll Sing in the Sunshine
  • NWCT Camp: Film Workshop
  • Calvert Discoveries in Early Reading
  • Calvert Discoveries in Reading 1
  • Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten Level 2
  • Hooked on Phonics First Grade Level 1
  • Writing Strands: Book 1
  • Sylvan K: Word Games, Sight Words, Spelling Flashcards
  • Math in Focus: Level 1B
  • Maps, Globes and Graphs Book A
  • Handwriting without Tears: Letters and Numbers for Me
  • Zaner Bloser Handwriting K
  • HWT Sentence School
  • Atelier Art
  • OmniMax Movie: Life: a Cosmic Journey
  • Young Scientists Club Magic Schoolbus
  • Little Passports
  • Young Woodworkers Club
  • iMax Movie: Secrets of the Mummies
  • iMax Movie: Born to be Wild
  • KiwiCrates Art Projects
  • OmniMax: Solar System
  • OmniMax: Black Holes
  • A New We (documentary about ecovillages)
  • Minecraft
  • Pop-Up Geography
  • StarFall
  • Reading Rainbow App
  • FanFaria App
  1. OMSI: Solar System/Movie
  2. Seattle Space Needle
  3. Seattle Chihuly Glass Museum
  4. Pacific Science Center
  5. King Tut Exhibit
  6. Seattle Duck Boats
  7. OMSI: States of Matter/Grossology
  8. NWCT: BFG
  9. Out of this World Pizza Soccer Party
  10. OMSI: Chemistry Lab/Temperature/Environmental Science Exhibit/ Movie
  11. We Village (multiple)
  12. Outdoors In (multiple)
  13. OMSI: Omnimax movies
  14. Great Wolf Lodge
  15. Four Seasons Bowling
  16. UU Christmas Pageant
  17. Out of this World 
  18. Oregon Commission for the Blind
  19. My Little Waiting Room PSVMC
  20. Wunderland
  21. Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue 67
  22. Portland Children’s Musuem/Storyland
  23. OMSI/Mythbusters
  24. World Forestry Center/Tree-houses
  25. NWCT Suessical!
  26. Washington County Historical Museum/Tears of Joy Theater Puppet Show/Hubble Exhibit
  27. St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  28. Outdoors In
  29. WeVillage
  30. OCB Protest
  31. Portland Spirit Easter Brunch Cruise.
  32. Oregon Zoo
  33. Jacobson’s Books Art2D2 Book Launch Party
  34. Stub Stewart Camping Trip
  35. Shute Park: ML Birthday Party
  36. OCT: A Year with Frog and Toad
  37. Tall Ships Adventure: Lady Washington
  38. Tualatin Hills Nature Center
  39. Portland Children’s Museum/Dinosaur Discovery
  40. Out of This World/Bagely Park
  41. VH Summerfest
  42. Pacific Coast, Seaside, Oregon
  43. WeVillage
  44. Goddard Parent Appreciation Dinner: BJ the Clown
  45. Wildwood Recreation Center (with OMSI)
  46. Mount Saint Helens Johnston Observatory (with OMSI)
  47. South Beach State Park (with OMSI)
  48. Newport Aquarium (with OMSI)
  49. Columbia Gorge/Multnomah Falls/Fish Hatchery/Bonneville Dam (with OMSI)
  50. The OutPost
  51. Hillsboro Independence Day Parade
  52. Oregon Zoo
  53. OHSU/Aerial Tram
  54. The OutPost
  55. Goddard Ice Cream Social/Puppet Show “I Dig Dinosaurs.”
  56. Washington County Fair
  57. The OutPost
  58. Portland Timbers Soccer
  59. Neighborhood HOA Safety Party
  60. Pump It Up/Dentist
  61. Library/Summer Reading Program
  62. The OutPost
  63. Cook Park Canoeing (with R.)
  64. Tualatin Hills Nature Center
  65. OMSI: Mummies
  66. Oregon Zoo

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