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June 17, 2013

Avery went to Goddard. Apparently they had the Children’s Museum come and do some activities with the kids. They had them all in matching blue Goddard shirts, so they looked like a bunch of corporate minion billboards. Bet it was so they could take a bunch of PR pictures with the Children’s Museum people. But free shirt! Here is his report in summer “camp” format.

Wildwood Recreation Area ripped from the 'net.

Wildwood Recreation Area ripped from the ‘net.

Aaron and Naim started OMSI’s Hit the Road camp. This camp takes them to all the places we can never get to. They have to leave early with Nik and do before/aftercare. Today they went to Wildwood Recreation Area, which I think is near Mt. Hood. They said that they went on a hike and went somewhere where they could see under water. They had a map and seemed to know where they were going. They also played games like one called “shark, shark minnow” which sounded a lot like duck duck goose.  They are in before and aftercare, which sounds just like they are in a big room with some toys. The pick-up and drop off went well, but everyone is tired tonight.

Here is the schedule for my own reference (whale watching! so jealous!):



They did their nighttime reading tonight. Naim read one of the Calvert books “Dot” and one of the Bob books, “Fun in the Sun.” Aaron read Click magazine.

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