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January 9, 2013

Back to Village Home!

Naim had Discoverers, Filmaking and Measure for Treasure.

Aaron had Discoverers, Science Olympiad, and Messy Garage.

What did I hear? Filmmaking is in the tech room, which is very exciting for Naim. Discoverers was discoverers. They are doing Dr. Seuss books this term. In science olympiad (which I need to link to the website, because it is pretty cool.) they watched Mythbusters about the mentos geyser thing. The teacher was happy to have Aaron back in Messy garage, but of course he made a “dagger.” I let it go, but I want something else besides weaponry next week.

Avery and I hung out at Goodness the first two hours and then at the playroom the next two. I stuck around VH today to help kids find their classes since they are different than last term. But the plan will be to go to 24 hour fitness when the docs say it is ok for me to go again. Until then, I can take walks and work on my heart rate, but it was pouring down rain today.  Avery had a poop accident right when I was getting ready to go. It was a gawdawful mess. I had to pull the kids out about ten minutes early so I could get to the hospital and do my U/S.

I put them in the PSVMC playroom while I did my ultrasound. That place is a saving grace. I am knocking through my medical stuff due to that place, especially since D is out of commission. I keep meaning to pay their suggested donation but never have cash on me, I am just going to ask if they take credit cards next time. They all seemed to do well in there. Even Naim, who hates child care rooms like that. I did ask if D was still there at the hospital as I was not sure what day he was moving to the nursing home. But he left today, probably about an hour before we got there, so we missed that visit. Will probably take the kids to the nursing home for a visit on Saturday.

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