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July 15, 2013

Avery went to Goddard.

I had to go to OHSU to the Audiologist and then meet with the NDBEDP people, so no schoolwork today. I did, however, take them to some of the places I used to work at Doernbecher and they played at the playground there (and a few minutes in the playroom on the main med/surg floor. I did not want to take them up to oncology for immunosuppressive fears.)  We then rode the tram down the hill and the streetcar back to downtown. So that was kind of fun for them.  One of the biggest events of the day, though, is when a medivac helicopter landed almost right on our heads. I don’t think I have ever been that close to a helicopter landing. It was actually landing on a low roof next to us, but the force of the wind was incredible and almost knocked me over. A and N had to hold on to a railing to stay upright. Every single piece of paper, dust or leaf got mixed up into the air and I had to cover my eyes with my hands to keep them from getting pummelled from little pieces of debris. It was kind of impressive.

Also, Naim was very interested in all the medical stuff I was having done. He watched and asked a lot of questions and said that was what he liked best about the day, that he got to hang out and see medical stuff. Hmmmm.

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