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October 19, 2012

Avery had his parent teacher conference. All well. Mostly talked about potty training and how he needs to do that to move to the next classroom. He would go to the class of 3 year olds with 20 kids! But I think our tuition would go down by about $100. So, incentive! We have kind of started already talking about it, reading books, getting used to the idea. But have not gone hardcore. I am planning to in mid-late November. She did not have a copy of his little developmental checklist thing they do. I will add that if she gets it to me. She gave me a pile of artwork. It looks like he participates in whatever to some extent. There is painting with different things (sponges, etc.) He also got his picture proofs. They are cute.

Kids had OMSI lab day. It was states of matter in the chemistry lab. They did a bunch with dry ice. Then we went to Grossology-which I thought was really cool. And gross. And then played around a bit more. Took the new streetcar line to the max instead of doing the bridge/bus thing. It took a bit longer but was ok. Aaron told everyone that he is  donor sperm kid when someone asked him if he looked like his mom or dad. I just let it go. It is his story to tell, though we might have a talk about when and where to tell some stories about yourself.

So, pictures.

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