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June 19-20, 2013

Avery and I did not go anywhere on Wednesday. On Thursday we went to “Big Park” within walking distance. He pushed his stroller around a lot and played a bit on the playground equipment. We had ice cream sandwiches from the concessions and we played in the fountain a bit.

South Beach with the Newport bridge over the bay in the background.

South Beach with the Newport bridge over the bay in the background.

Aaron and Naim went to South Beach State Park for their OMSI camp on Wednesday and Thursday. They stayed overnight. This was their practice overnight before they would maybe go on to weeklong overnight camps. South Beach is near Newport. It sounds like they stopped somewhere along the way and had lunch and played at a playground. Then they dropped their stuff off at camp and went whale watching. This appeared to cause a lot of sea sickness and Aaron threw up, but they did see a whale, a dolphin and some sea lions and some crabs. They went to the beach and had pizza and roasted marshmallows. Then sleep. The next day it sounds like they went to the aquarium, then back to the same playground for lunch, then came home. Nik had to sign an incident report for Naim who got hit in the eye, but there was no evidence of it and he didn’t act like it was any big deal. Naim was offended by the bathrooms and said when he complained to the camp counselors about them, they said it was a camping surprise. Heh. It sounds like they got to sleep in tents.

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