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January 10, 2013

Avery had ECSE today. No incidents. They make you send a notebook but they never update it so I have no idea how he is doing in there. We always used to update our kids notebooks daily in ECSE. Whatever.

Naim went with R. for her birthday to an arcade place called Wunderland. We made a deal to make up schoolwork on Saturday. I was so tired from yesterday, that it was good for me as well to have a rest day. He really liked Wunderland and got a few prizes. It is a good little math lesson, too, as you can win tickets for prizes. It might be a good place to take Susannah’s kids. I always think that if I take Susannah’s kids I might not be able to take them anywhere like they are used to and they would be bored, but that place is really easy to get to. I also promised to take R to the children’s museum, so am trying to squeeze that in as well next week.

Not much else, Aaron did a art project with one of the kiwi crate things. It was penguin bowling. He decorated all the penguins and had names for them all. My favorite was Professor Mustache and Billy Boy. Naim elected to give his to R. for her birthday, which was good, because I did not have time to get her anything and she is a bit hard to shop for since they kind of don’t do a lot of gifts and don’t allow a lot of things. So, an art project was a good choice, if a bit simple. But I think it is ok.

I think there was a lot of minecraft today.

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