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February 21-27, 2013

Well, since this last whole week was taken up by my emergency surgery business, and  I need to conserve my energy to be able to more quickly go back to the job at hand, I will do a quick summery:


The kids and I went to the Children’s Museum, where we saw the Storyland exhibit, and did our usual stuff. Avery was great except for lunch, when apparently I ordered him the wrong thing. The new cafe sucks and is overpriced, so we learned our lesson there and next time will be taking our lunch. I’m sure there are pics below.

That night, I took the ambvan to the ER, where I stayed until Sunday. I had surgery Friday afternoon while Nik stayed home from work (eye roll!) until today.


I was supposed to take them for their VH OMSI class, but obviously…Nik took Avery to Goddard and I do not think I saw any report from that day. But he stayed the day in the Forest and so I think he is a permanent member now.

Due to all the ER goings-on, the kids did not make it to OMSI in time for their class, but they decided to go to OMSI anyway and see the Mythbusters exhibit which Aaron has been waiting for for months. So I am glad they went but sorry I missed it. But always next month, I guess.  It seemed like it was part exhibit and part show. They were duly impressed.


On Saturday we were supposed to start our yoga class in downtown Hillsboro and then meet with our park guy, but obviously all of that went to hell. I had Nik bring the kids down to the hospital to  visit me and also bring me some clean clothes and of course my all important iPad charger! They only stayed about 1/2 hour, which was fine because I was sleeping the day away.


I think the kids went to the store and the pharmacy with Nik because I was unable to do safeway and I needed scrips. Apparently, like a true homeschooler, Naim interviewed the pharmacist and learned all about her job while he was waiting for her to sort out my scrips.  I came home on my own in a cab this day.


Nik was home and Susannah took the kids to visit Dwight at the nursing home in the morning. This is good because I have not been able to take them for about two weeks. Later, Nik took them downtown to drama and art, so I was happy they didn’t miss those since they missed last week because of my being sick. (roll eyes AGAIN.) Aaron made “marble paper” out of I guess shaving cream and paint.


Nik home again, it was a pretty low-key day.  Avery went to ECSE and we finally got all the vaccine stuff straightened out. Naim and I went for a walk around the block to get me started back to getting up and around. And to test whether I could take them to VH.


I really, really meant to take them to VH today, but once I got Avery up and over to Goddard,  I was completely wiped out and having dizzy spells. So, ugh, I didn’t make it. We did the latest “kiwi crate” things with pom pom pets and pet playgrounds.

Avery was over at Goddard all day today instead of Monday, as Nik arranged that so it would be easier for me today and he could go back to work. He did well there and here is his “freely.”

Tomorrow, Avery goes back to ECSE and I will start school up again, but except for maybe some walks with the kids, I am not planning to go anywhere. Friday will be half day for Avery at Goddard and we will continue school. I think we are going to see Seussical at NWCT this weekend if I remember right.


Here are the pics off my camera, the OMSI ones aren’t here.

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