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May 9-10, 2013 Camping

We finally went camping at Stub Stewart. Avery went to ECSE on Thursday morning and we got ready. Our Columbia County Rider fell through. Then our first cab fell through. And then I was so mad it became a quest. So, we wrangled around with another cab company and finally worked it out. We will still be working on figuring out different transit options, but it went ok.

In the future I would like us to get our trash down and our packing lighter, and also make it so each kid can carry more of their own stuff. And also I think we could go for a couple of days and be ok if we did that stuff. But we did well and the kids had fun. It is interesting to see how relaxed they become when you get them into nature. It is really something we should try to do somewhat regularly.

Anyway, pics:

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