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June 21, 2013

Avery went to Goddard today. I think he was a little happy to go back to school after being alone with me all week, and maybe a bit sad? I do think he misses the big kids. Here is his report.

Aaron and Naim went to the Columbia River Gorge for their last day of OMSI camp.  They went to Multnomah Falls, the fish hatchery, Bonneville Dam and the fish ladders. There was another incident report with Aaron getting some scratches or something, but not a big deal, apparently. I have to say that this week, Naim got hit in the eye and had to use a disgusting bathroom, Aaron got scratched and threw up on a boat, and STILL, neither of them had any melt downs and I was not called with that “concerned that the camp is not right for your child” talk. Part of it is getting older and we have talked a lot about how to handle things that don’t go your way, but part of it is having professionals that aren’t total assholes as was our experience at Trackers last year. I asked Naim if they yelled at them and made them hold on to the wall will getting on the bus like Trackers did. And he said, “No, they trust us and respect us. They don’t yell at us for the sake of showing us who is boss.” So there you go. I do believe we will return to OMSI camps.

I hate the word playdate, but Naim met a friend, Jackson, whose mother sent me a note that gave her info and said she would love to have a playdate. So, I will attempt to get them connected. I have no idea where she lives. So, we will see. Jackson is 8 and they slept in the same tent together. It sounds like they hit it off. (BTW, Aaron was mad because they didn’t let girls and boys sleep together. We had to have a discussion about that. It’s a dumb rule if you consider that you can teach kids to be respectful of each other.

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