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June 14, 2013

Today Avery did not have school. Thursday, they went to the Goddard Parent Appreciation Dinner with Nik. They saw BJ the Clown. But we did try to get some school done. I put Avery on the iPad, which makes me feel slightly guilty, but it works. Is it better than TV? I don’t know. Probably not when he is on his own with it. When I am with him, we read books and stuff with it. He mostly watches little kid shows on PBS kids. Which could be worse.

Big kids:

  • Naim read Greetings, Sun in DER and they did the workbook activities.
  • They did the end of chapter 13 “Put on Your Thinking Caps” stuff in the MIF workbook. They did very well with these.
  • They did two pp. of Sylvan
  • Aaron did Lesson 4 DVD and workbook in HOP.
  • Naim did Bb in ZB

Naim and I have been doing 5-10 additional minutes of reading everyday in the evenings. He has a motivation lately to “catch up” in reading. So we have done the HOP stuff on the iPad app. There is also the Bob Books app, then I have a bunch of Calvert K books and print Bob books that he can read. We also finished reading Swiss Family Robinson and started reading the last of the three Pippi Longstocking books. I have Aaron doing evening reading with Click Magazine, which is a kid science magazine on the iPad.

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