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March 10-March 31

All of us on the Tourist Photo

All of us on the Tourist Photo

So…lets see. We wrapped up the last of Village Home and some school work. Because of Aaron’s illness and a doctor appointment, we missed the last day of art/drama downtown. Avery went to Goddard and ECSE, and his two weeks off did not correspond with Naim and Aaron’s two weeks off.


We did not go to our OMSI lab for this month because it was just a movie that we already saw. I wish they hadn’t have missed the last one when I was in the ER.  I wish I could have traded that one for this one.

We went to St. Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Hillsboro. It was not as big as Independence Day, which I like. I don’t know if they would go again. That same day, Nik’s new Bromance is with a blind guy named Jim. He and his wife came over and visited us. He is kind of an origami nut and Aaron and he bonded over origami. The kids went to WeVillage and we went out to eat with them. It was nice. We also did a trip to Outdoors In.

The kids and I went to visit Dwight once, and Aaron went with Susannah and Seth once. I think they may have gone to OOTW pizza afterwards, or maybe they went to visit Hayle and Isla and those guys. Ha! I don’t even know. That same day, Naim and I participated in a protest at the OCB. This is something that Naim was very interested in doing. We talked a LOT about what it was about and why the more qualified blind person didn’t get hired and the history of disability oppression. He did a really good job of livening up the joint. We went to Old Wive’s Tales afterward.

Naim had a spring break soccer camp, too. There were some kids that bullied him there, but he seems to rise above it and he also had some girls that stood up for him. The love of soccer seems to outweigh any of the nastiness. So he did not seem too upset by it.

Aaron and Avery (and once, Seth) and I hung out at the park while he was in soccer camp.

We went on an Easter Brunch river boat cruise in the Willamette that was fun. Naim ate a lot of food.

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