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December 1-January 6 Wrap-Up

Oh, seriously. This blog.

Well, the only thing I can do is get back to it.

Not much formal schooling has gone on, and that is in large part due to my health and then D’s health. I have had heart problems, which is a new one for me, strep, and low iron/potassium that probably has a lot to do with the cause of the heart issues, but still checking on that one. Also had a really bad kidney GFR result (19!) but now it appears to be back up to 25, but still checking on that as well. In short, I had to put school and almost everything aside and put health things in priority because it got overwhelming. The good thing is that things are chugging along in that regard. But it will continue to be in the forefront for a bit while I get a grip on all that is going on.

D had an emergency colostomy and almost died. He is recovering now but went from ICU to hospital and now he is headed for the nursing home for a few weeks and then likely RIO. So there has been a lot of carrying on back and forth to the hospital for that.

So, I shall attempt some highlights here and then do a picture dump.

  • We went to Great Wolf Lodge in early December for the kids birthdays.
  • We have gone to Outdoors in a few times.
  • We went to our OMSI class in mid-December. They showed the kids two movies in the planetarium on space. The trip was cut short by my trip to the ER for passing out at Beaverton Transit Center.
  • The kids went with Susannah to Out of the World a couple of times and fed the ducks at the library.
  • Avery has been to his ECSE class twice. I went with him on the bus the first time, but he did fine on the second trip on his own. It will be good for him. He is doing 4 hours a week of that and then 8 hours a week at Goddard. So, basically, it is 4 hours of less intense speech pathology.
  • Among all the sickness we did pull off a simple Christmas.
  • I have gotten in touch with a psychologist for Naim and his anxiety issues. He asked for this personally. She comes to the house. I will meet with her sometime soon.
  • Naim went bowling with Ruoda and stayed the afternoon and made pizza.
  • Naim and Aaron have gone to work with Nik a couple of times for the afternoon. Naim did some under sleepshades cane travel and did really well.
  • Naim was a Junior Angel in the UU Church Xmas Pageant and we attended Christmas Eve Service there.
  • Avery is pretty much pee potty trained except for naps and overnight. We still have a poop problem, though.
  • Due to D’s illness, we have the cat here now, plus Naim got a hamster for Christmas, so there is a lot of animal care and talk going on right now.

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