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February 13, 2013

I was a bit worried that this day was going to be a disaster, but it actually all worked out perfectly.

The conflict was that the kids wanted to go to Discoverers at VH to do the Valentine’s exchange thing, but we had signed up to go tour a fire station. So, we decided to go to VH for the first hour and then leave for the firestation, which was about 1 mile away and we were walking. Bobbi said she was going to do the exchange on the first half of class, but it was still iffy if it was going to get done, or if I would walk in and pick them up  during the middle of it and then it would be impossible to exstract Aaron and then there would be slow, miserable walking and we would never get there on time. Thankfully, Bobbi came through for me and when I got there, it was done and they were ready to go. The walk wasn’t bad, it was a nice day.

The firestation was pretty cool. There are all sorts of little tidbits you didn’t know, like that they have a tether connected to their pants and if they need to jump out of a window, they can tether themselves to anything and crawl out. Or that they can push one button when they get a call and everything in the firestation shuts off (ovens, appliances, etc.) Avery was a brat at first because we were standing around waiting for everyone to get there and he wanted to see the firetrucks so he was screaming. Then he barely tolerated the tour of the “living/work space” so I have no pictures of that. But he really liked the last part of the tour when they took us around the fire engines. There was a call when we were there and we were in the kitchen at lunch time so all these guys (and one woman!) were cooking. And they did just drop everything and leave. (except two that stayed behind with us.)  The other thing they did that I thought was good was to dress up right in front of us in all their gear and mask and ax and everything. They do that so kids they need to rescue will be familiar with the uniform and know that there is a real person under it all.

After, there was a park right next to the fire station and the kids played with a few VH kids that lingered. It had this sort of dirt bike track with a lot of hills and valleys and that was the BEST THING EVER to play tag on. It was hard to extract them from there. It was a good day.

Here are some pics that were mostly taken by Naim. There are some interesting close-ups here.


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