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September 8, 2012

Naim had his first soccer game. He complained of a leg pain from a small fall he took the day before, that he previously didn’t complain about, so although I think it may have hurt a bit, it was mostly performance anxiety. I told him that I didn’t think playing on it would hurt it any, but that he could talk to his coach and decide for himself how much he was going to play. And that even if he didn’t play, we should go anyway to support his teammates. I can’t MAKE him play, but I figured even if he just watched, a lot of his anxiety would be minimized by just seeing how a game works. We were not staying home.

He did mention it to the coach, who humorously sort of blew him off, which I was happy about. He was kind of lethargic in the game, but he did play the whole time (or the whole time it was his turn to play.) They did good, I heard they won 4-3, but can’t vouch for that as I can’t keep track of the games. But Naim was happy afterwards and it helped a lot. Aaron came and played on the playground.

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