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April 18, 2013

Avery went to ECSE. I still was not able to go, I think next week I will put big kids in WeVillage and go. It is getting a bit ridiculous.

Big Kids:

  • We worked on MIF, Ch. 13, Lesson 3, subtraction without regrouping. We did the textbook problems on the white board and they did pretty good.
  • They did Sylvan. Naim did 2 pages plus a game we skipped a few days ago where he had to make sentences out of cut out words. Aaron did 2 pages and did his spelling cards.
  • Aaron did HOP DVD Lesson 13. I showed him master reader and he got a bit scared of the chapter books. With good “attendance” we could be done with the rest of second grade HOP in about 2 months.
  • Naim did the review for Unit 3 in HOP. We used the flipbook for -en, -et, and -ed words.
  • Naim practiced letters on the ZB app on the iPad, we did capital A, C, D and E. That app seems to work well for him.
  • Aaron did a page in HWT, It was copy work today.
  • They watched BrainPop about earthquakes.
  • We did a science experiment in Magic Schoolbus. The first one we did worked out well, which was holding a piece of cardboard under an upside-down glass of water and it stays due to air pressure from below. The other one we struggled with. We were supposed to get ice chips in a soda bottle to make the inside air colder than the outside air, and we had significant trouble with that one.We may try again but it didn’t really work.

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