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April 17, 2013

VH Day.

What did I hear? We talked about how Naim entertains everyone in discoverers and how discoverers is mainly for having opportunities to make and play with friends. He kind of seems to like to be the class entertainer and kind of seems to look upon it as a burden.

They interviewed some people for his Film-making class. Apparently Naim was an interviewer. They went to Aaron’s class to interview kids, but Aaron was not interviewed. I think he thought he should have preferential brother treatment, but didn’t get it.

In Measure for Treasure they measured “stuff.”

In Science Olympiad they finished their bottle rockets but did not launch them yet.

In messy garage, who knows, but Aaron carried a cardboard tube all the way home with  a spider on it. All the way on the max, the walk home, etc. Then the cardboard tube and the spider went to live in our backyard.

Avery and I hung out at home and mostly did nothing. But we did look at pictures on the iPad and he was imitating a lot of words as I was saying them. His speech is actually pretty good.  We also played games from PBS’s preschool game app, and he gets those after I model a few times. He was doing shape sorting and adding to simple patterns.

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