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    April 2013
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April 9, 2013

Avery went to Satanic School, I mean ECSE. As usual I have no clue. It is getting a bit ridiculous. He comes off the bus in a daze. At Goddard when we pick him up he is always happy and animated. I don’t know if it is the bus ride that puts him in a coma or if it is actually the program itself. That is why I gotta go visit! But since D is STILL in the goddamned hospital going on 4 months. I haven’t had child care. But I am going to have to just put them in WeVillage or something.

Big Kids:

  • We did the workbook pages for Ch. 13, Lesson 1 in MIF. Naim had a fit that escalated to a full-fledged screaming crazy thing that I can’t even tell you what it was about. I told him he couldn’t do his school work until he calmed down, which led to another fight. So the rest of the morning, I did school with Aaron and not Naim.
  • So…Aaron did 3 pp. of Sylvan and 5 spelling words.
  • He did the worksheets for HOP Lesson 10.
  • He did HWT 2pp. where he copied a poem.
  • We went to HFAC where they went to Kid Central. I am working on them getting into some classes there.
  • When we got back, we did the first experiment with Magic Schoolbus “Air” unit.
  • After, Naim did 3 pp. of Sylvan, and 2 worksheets for HOP. We did not get to handwriting today.