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April 3, 2013

Kids were excited to go back to VH today for third term. It will be their last term for Discoverers after three years. Which seems like Wow! We had teacher Terri for Little Villagers for so long it seemed like, but we have had teacher Bobbi for longer. Naim is excited about moving on to the next level, but Aaron is not. But he did not want to leave Little Villagers, either and then he was fine. Aaron said they made Bottle Rockets in science Olympiad and he made a bunch of ??? in Messy Garage. Naim said his teacher in film-making had a shit fit because something on the computer wasn’t working. Since I just recently had the same shit fit over his hamster movie, I can’t really judge. Measure for Treasure was met with similar enthusiasm. He says he thinks it is boring, but is always excited to go to VH.

Avery and I stopped by HFAC and signed up again since I HATE 24 hour fitness with a vengeance and the kids can’t do anything at all there and the whole thing is about getting everyone in the family more active. Again, I hate how all of that is segregated and I have to sit around while the kids are active or they have to sit around while I am. At HFAC, at least, there are several things we can do together. At age 9, the kids can take a safety class and then do everything except weights and hot-tubs/saunas. Until then, there is some co-adult/kid classes like yoga and zumba, which we will try. Avery can stay in childcare, which is now open full-time again.

Avery and I then came home and worked on some Buttercups stuff. We are working through his Spring Bulletin board, but many more things to go.


The current theme is on food, moving into easter eggs and Spring, which I guess we are late for, but whatever.