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July 30, 2013

Avery had his last day of ECSE for summer. He went a total of 6 times. He has been liking to go this summer. He brought back a lacing fish and a paint and glitter fish today. He will start back on September 5.


Big Kids:

  • Naim and Aaron both did MIF Ch. 14 lesson 2 workbook and the “put on your thinking cap” at the end. We will do a review and test next time. And then maybe spend a day on enrichment and this chapter will wrap up.
  • Naim had Erika. They went for a walk and apparently practiced small talk with passerby.
  • Aaron did 2 pp. Sylvan
  • Aaron did the review of Unit 2 in HOP.
  • Aaron did 2 pp. of Handwriting.
  • All of us went to the park this afternoon.

July 25, 2013

Avery went to ECSE. He will have one more class for the summer and then he is off again. He brought home an Octopus puzzle that he put together. He has been talking up a storm.

Aaron and Naim…let’s see:

  • They did workbook for MIF, Ch. 14 Lesson 1.
  • Naim did 2 pp. Sylvan. Aaron got Sylvan off today because he finished his last Vocabulary book. He had vocab, spelling and reading and was supposed to do them simultaneously, but he is choosing to do one at a time. So I think Spelling is next.
  • Aaron did worksheets for HOP Lesson 7
  • Naim did DVD for HOP Lesson 3
  • Aaron did 2 pp. Handwriting
  • Naim did iPad stuff for handwritting letter Nn.
  • We did little passports: Spain

We also attended the Goddard School Ice Cream Social. It was HOT and Avery was obsessed with playing inside at the train table. There was a RACIST puppet show! It had a white male paleontologist, Einstein, Lincoln and Pocahontas, who was dressed in a leather fringed miniskirt. The three white guys made fun of her name (“hokey pokey”) and basically made her their bitch by making her pick up dinosaur doodoo. I know it was just a puppet show, but shit it was uncomfortable. I think some of the parents were raising their eyebrows at each other. I did not like that puppet guy last year, and not this year, either. He gives me the creeps.

July 23, 2013

Avery went to ECSE. No news there except that no one put that Avery rides the bus in his IEP so I have to sign a revision. Hope to talk to her one more time before end of summer.

Big kids:

  • Practice book for MIF, Ch. 14 Lesson 1. They did ok with this after the Oral Hull break.
  • Both did Sylvan. Aaron finished his Vocab book. I am thinking about starting to add grammar for Third grade.
  • Aaron did Lesson 7 DVD in HOP
  • Naim did Lesson 2 review and worksheets for HOP
  • Aaron did 2pp. HWT
  • Naim did Worksheets and book for Rr in ZB

Erika came to visit Naim and they took a walk. She suggested he take time away from Aaron at the park. I said this would be fine and I told him he could go to the park by himself before, but he is too scared to go. This time, he decided to try it and I gave him a timer for an hour and he spent an hour down there. I also thought about letting him go to D’s apartment by himself sometimes, too, as it sits empty. But I need to go with him once and make sure he can unlock and lock back up and also lay a few ground rules for what he can do there and cleaning up, etc. He needs some alone time.

July 16, 2013

Avery went to ECSE.

Big kids:

  • Textbook for MIF Ch. 14, Lesson 1
  • 2 pp. Sylvan
  • HOP worksheets lesson 6 for A.
  • HOP worksheets Lesson 2 for N.
  • 2pp. Sylvan for each
  • Handwriting for each (letter Rr, for N)
  • BrainPop Fitness and quiz.

Aaron did not like the story he had to read for HOP. It was about a man with a guide dog. It wasn’t horrible, but Aaron took offense with the weak and “jello-y” way they depicted the man. And also a few of the word choices like “gave the man the gift of sight” as well as the misnomer “Seeing Eye Dog.”

Some of Aaron's edits. He tried to smooth out the man's clothing.

Some of Aaron’s edits. He tried to smooth out the man’s clothing.

July 11, 2013

Avery went to ECSE. I did find out that it looks like this new teacher will also be his teacher in the fall and is now his “case manager.” It is kind of interesting, she acted like it was assumed or like I already was supposed to know this. Ok, then. Whatever. I  hope this new positive communication is more than a one time thing.

Big kids:

  • We went over the chapter opener/review of Ch. 14 in MIF which has to do with “mental math” strategies. So today we worked on doubles facts and making things into sets of ten.
  • They did 2pp. Sylvan and 5 spelling words.
  • Naim did HOP Lesson 2 DVD and book.
  • Aaron did Lesson 6 HOP DVD and book.
  • Aaron did 2 pp. of HWT
  • Naim and I went out into the alley and worked on letter spacing with sidewalk chalk.

I stopped by Learning Palace yesterday to kill time while I was waiting for Nik to meet me after work. (Kids went to We Village.) I was looking at all of their workbooks and it occurred to me that I really need to split up Aaron and Naim for more stuff, or alternatively go to a more unit study type of thing and give them different assignments. I kind of feel like Naim is getting a lot of my attention now and I am holding Aaron back. Global Village does more unit study stuff, so maybe I will brainstorm on that for the start of third grade. I am hoping that Aaron will be done with HOP by the end of summer (he only has about 8 Lessons to go.) and then he can start Master reader by himself. I am debating whether to have Naim start on Reading Horizons as replacement or in addition to HOP. I am leaning to replacement now.

July 9, 2013

Oh, my GOODNESS!! Satanic School may not be Satanic School anymore. At least for the summer. I had asked for more communication, a newsletter, a schedule , an email, anything from them. And I got all three! This is a different teacher, so it begs the question…is this what she always does or are they going off my suggestion? (Which would be good, yet sad. I certainly hope it isn’t a “Oh! I never thought of that before!” moment.) Anyway, who cares! Communication!

So I got these things in Avery’s backpack.

And I got this email from the teacher:

It is a pleasure to work with Avery in the classroom setting. He did a nice job with: transition to a new classroom. The bus was rather hot and the first thing I gave him was some water to drink  for cool down his body. He then noticed the toys and other children playing. We have similar routines as Patty’s class with arrival ( backpack/jacket and signing in). I showed him our schedule so he would have a place to go for reference.  He followed the routines using his peers as resource. He seemed to enjoy the circle time activities today. He did sit a short time for art ( glue and tissue paper starfish). He came over when I called him for a turn to make painted fish.  He played outside- chase with another peer), ate a short snack,and seemed very happy to go home on the bus.

He is a delightful little boy.
Feel free to email me!

It is kind of like, Oh! You aren’t seeing my kid as a Very Serious Problem! You see him as a real kid…who is delightful! Gee, what a concept. So, I am hopeful there and also want to know if I can have her for the school year, too.

Big kids:

  • We did some of the enrichment stuff for MIF Ch. 13. We did not have time to do it all, but I am going to close the book on this chapter finally.
  • Aaron did 2pp. Sylvan
  • Aaron did worksheets for HOP
  • Aaron did 2pp. HWT.
  • Naim saw Erika. He would have done more schoolwork after, but I had to take off and go to a meeting with OCB and the Avita people, and I had to drag them with me, so it kind of wasted the afternoon.

I think they played with computers at OCB and then we went to “Smelly, Scary Park” which I like but that is what it was called on FourSquare so that is what we call it. And then we used a chinook book coupon to go out and eat at Old Wives Tales.

June 11, 2013

Avery had his last day of ECSE today until July 9th. He brought home this:

These are cool when done with an eye-dropper. Looks like he used the sponge bottle paint, though. (Am I too cruel to that place? It's BEEYOOOTIFUL! How's that?)

These are cool when done with an eye-dropper. Looks like he used the sponge bottle paint, though. (Am I too cruel to that place? It’s BEEYOOOTIFUL! How’s that?)

Big kids:

  • We worked on one of the Writing Strands activities surrounding adjectives and categorizing adjectives. I think I may make them write a short essay about their topic.
  • They did the workbook for Ch.13 Lesson 6 in MIF. Naim gets the word problems where they compare the difference between two amounts mixed up. (Like Sam has 22 apples. Ann has 15. How many more apples does Sam have than Ann?) He thinks if it says “more” that always means add and if it says “fewer” that always means subtract, so for this example he would say Sam has 37 more apples than Ann. We got out blocks and played roles and everything. But I don’t know how well it worked. But we just have to move on from this chapter and get on with it for now. We will come back to this later.
  • They both did 2pp. Sylvan
  • While Naim was with Erika, Aaron did Lesson 3 worksheets in HOP
  • He also finished his HWT book. He did 8,9,10, a numbers practice page and the final assessment thing. He wanted to finish a book because he knew that Naim was going to finish reading today.
  • Naim spent time with Erika where, according to Naim, Erika thinks he is stressed about school (or could it be that she comes right when he has finished math so that is what he talks about and she thinks it is a bigger deal than it is? I am hardpressed to ever hear Naim talking about school in stressful terms.) So her big idea was that he should use different colored blocks for tens and ones. Now, I am getting all this from Naim, so who knows if this was really a grand conclusion or just an off-handed suggestion that Naim took as Gospel. But I would like to show her the Montessori tiles of different colored tens and ones we have, or the base-10 blocks we have, or the other billion math manipulatives that we use every day. It is kind of like a) if I wanted a tutor, I would have hired a tutor. And b) It isn’t that her suggestions are bed, its just that I have not heard even one that isn’t something that we weren’t already doing. She wanted Naim to use a pictoral cookbook to cook. I showed Naim the kid cookbooks we already have been using and he rejected them as “not being right.” So I asked her if she had one in mind. No. So she brings this second-hand cookbook. I mean, that is nice of her, but it was actually more text heavy than the child pictoral cookbooks that I already have. And then she works with him using measuring cups as if we have NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE. I mean, it is fine and I get that it is more interesting for him when someone else is doing it who is not his mom. But again…I did not hire her to be his tutor and I don’t think he has a HUGE amount of anxiety over schoolwork or his slow reading pace most of the time. He seems to worry about it AFTER she has seen him, not before. Power of suggestion, man. Power of suggestion. Is this some grand plan I don’t understand like she is trying to busy him with real-kidlike worries instead of his usual stuff like death and the destruction of the sun? Okaaaay. I just don’t get it. And whenever I ask him about it he gets all defensive, so I let it go. 
  • After she left, he finished HOP Kindergarten. Halej-fuckin-lujeah! Man we worked a long time on that level. He was very happy although I don’t think he gets how far he has come. I mean, he is reading now. Every word is not torture any more (just every third word.) This kid spent over four years on just letter names and sounds, so we are actually slightly accelerating. The second level went much quicker than the first.  Ok, so looking back, it looks like we started Kindergarten HOP in January of 2012. A year and a half ago. We were also still doing ZigZat (discoveries in early reading) and Sylvan Letter names/sounds back then. So, progress!