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March 10-March 31

All of us on the Tourist Photo

All of us on the Tourist Photo

So…lets see. We wrapped up the last of Village Home and some school work. Because of Aaron’s illness and a doctor appointment, we missed the last day of art/drama downtown. Avery went to Goddard and ECSE, and his two weeks off did not correspond with Naim and Aaron’s two weeks off.


We did not go to our OMSI lab for this month because it was just a movie that we already saw. I wish they hadn’t have missed the last one when I was in the ER.  I wish I could have traded that one for this one.

We went to St. Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Hillsboro. It was not as big as Independence Day, which I like. I don’t know if they would go again. That same day, Nik’s new Bromance is with a blind guy named Jim. He and his wife came over and visited us. He is kind of an origami nut and Aaron and he bonded over origami. The kids went to WeVillage and we went out to eat with them. It was nice. We also did a trip to Outdoors In.

The kids and I went to visit Dwight once, and Aaron went with Susannah and Seth once. I think they may have gone to OOTW pizza afterwards, or maybe they went to visit Hayle and Isla and those guys. Ha! I don’t even know. That same day, Naim and I participated in a protest at the OCB. This is something that Naim was very interested in doing. We talked a LOT about what it was about and why the more qualified blind person didn’t get hired and the history of disability oppression. He did a really good job of livening up the joint. We went to Old Wive’s Tales afterward.

Naim had a spring break soccer camp, too. There were some kids that bullied him there, but he seems to rise above it and he also had some girls that stood up for him. The love of soccer seems to outweigh any of the nastiness. So he did not seem too upset by it.

Aaron and Avery (and once, Seth) and I hung out at the park while he was in soccer camp.

We went on an Easter Brunch river boat cruise in the Willamette that was fun. Naim ate a lot of food.

March 9, 2013

So the plan was to take Naim up on his idea that the whole family going out together is too much chaos sometimes and we should split up. Nik, Naim and Avery were going to go to the Washington County Historical Museum for family day and a free puppet show from Tears of Joy theater. Aaron and I were going to go to a LEGO art exhibit at the convention center.

But Aaron woke up puking…perhaps caught what Avery had a few days ago. Nik also felt crappy, so I took Naim to the Washington County Museum and the rest of the crew stayed home.

Washington County Museum is a funky place that I don’t quite get so I just go with it. It is free on family day once a month, and they usually have something special (often that doesn’t related to anything) like the puppet show. It also has a Hubble telescope exhibit which also has nothing to do with anything, but just go with it, you know? There are a few pioneer day artifacts on display, there were arts and crafts on family day, and there was a movie about how Mexicans and Latinos were imported to Washington County during WWII to do farm work since there was not enough of a workforce. It is kind of just a bunch of stuff thrown together, but the staff is really nice, and they seem to be trying to do a lot of things to attract families so OK. It is located right above Outdoors In so really easy to get to. Anyway, it was nice to go someplace just with Naim, though he said he felt weird and worried about Aaron the whole time. We went on a museum scavenger hunt and he got to pick out a prize (a poster) and he asked for an extra prize for his sick brother, which they let him have. We went to Taco Del Mar after and then to pick up pedialyte for Aaron at the store. As of bedtime, Aaron is still puking, so it has been a hard day for him. I was hoping he  might feel better by tomorrow and then I could still take him to the lego thing, but as of now it is not looking good.

He is pretty dehydrated, they go on Monday for their “well child” check (heh.) so I hope he can make it by then.

March 8, 2013

Avery went to Goddard for half-day. Here is his report. I did not get his lunch stuff back after trying to submit to all of her lunch organization requirements, which I find kind of funny. I have to be super organized but apparently she doesn’t. No big deal, just made me laugh. Hope to get my stuff back Monday, though. Here is his report.

Big kids:

  • We reread “What was that?” Said the Cat with mostly Naim reading for DIR. That took a while, so we did not do the puppet show thing. Hope to do that next time.
  • We used counters and flashcards for our Mathapalooza. I also had them write answers on the magnet boards to practice the direction of numerals, in what I called Lightning Round, which made Aaron have an absolute fit.
  • They each did 2 pp. in Sylvan and spelling cards.
  • Aaron did worksheets for HOP, he ripped up one, got in time out and I reprinted it and had him redo it later. It was not his day.
  • Naim also did worksheets for HOP and reread Dog Bug.
  • Naim worked on the letter O in ZB, I had him work with some Montessori puzzle pieces for a little OT fine motor warm up.
  • Aaron did letter p in HWT

March 7, 2013

Avery was a bit better today so I sent him to school. I have no idea what happened there. I was going to go back later for a meeting they have once a month there, this one was about speech path so I thought it was relevant, but then Avery just would not get up from his nap and I figured he was still sick and needed a bit of a rest.

I listened in on a conference call line to the 4 candidates for the new OCB director. Naim listened it as well and so that was an interesting discussion. We talked about the importance of having a blind director and why it is not just nice and sweet but that the experience of blindness makes them eminently more qualified. Funny thing is, he got it. Unlike most sighted people that go off in an entitled huff. It’s like, you get every other goddamned job in the world, you cannot leave the ones that most affect the blind to the blind? Boo hop.

Anyway, did not have school at home today because at the last minute, Susannah came by to take the kids to visit D at the nursing home. I STILL don’t have a clue when he is coming home. He doesn’t seem to motivated to get out, or even to realize that it is really up to him to get himself out. Sigh.

March 6, 2013

Today was VH day and I dropped the kids off and came back home. Avery and I worked on Buttercups curriculum with an art project. I noticed that he has some idea of color, and when prompted could say pu pu for purple, boo for blue and geen for green. Obviously there are signs that he has been working with color in one or both of his preschools.  We also read some books and played with some puzzles, barn and blocks. I like having a day to spend with just him. He did start getting sick midday and had awful diarriah. He slept on and off from about 11:30 on through the night.

The VH report was that Discoverers was discoverers, filmmaking was working on editing, measure for treasure was again MATH! and fractions. Aaron did not tell me much about Science Olympiad, and he made some small things in messy garage for Avery and Naim.

March 5, 2013

We worked on math/addition flashcards and the math balance before Erika came and worked with Naim. They appeared to work on some kind of fear that Naim had where Nik couldn’t find us a place to stay on vacation(?????) I think he pulls them out of his ass. There was some role playing involved and some drawing. (Narrowing down like last time, which included his three biggies: Getting hurt or killed (or someone else getting hurt or killed), environmental destruction fears, and lack of respect.

Avery went to ECSE and as usual I have no idea what happened there.

March 4, 2013

Avery had Goddard for the day: Report

Big kids:

  • We finished the enrichment stuff for Chapter 12. I tried to back off and they did better, but I do think some of the questions were easier.
  • We read “What was That?” Said the Cat for Discoveries in Reading, did the discussion questions and did the workbook pages.
  • They did 2 pp. of Sylvan and the Sylvan spelling words.
  • Aaron read the DVD and book stuff for Lesson 8 in HOP
  • Naim did the Bonus workbook and flip book for Lesson 10 in HOP
  • Naim did the Ll, Tt, Ii review stuff in ZB
  • Aaron finished the lesson in HWT about writing on different kinds of lines. He also did a ton of the iPad app for handwriting on his own.
  • We watched Rights and Responsibilities in BrainPop Jr.
  • Aaron went to Art at PCAS, he made some sort of cannon thingy out of cork and also glazed some sort of ceramic thing. He drew “the undead.”
  • Naim went to drama at NWCT.