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April 19, 2013

Today was a busy day.

Avery and Nik went to Goddard.  He had generally good things to say. Avery seems comfortable there and seems to enjoy it. He really liked the assistant teacher, Cady, but not so crazy about the lead teacher. She might be ok, but was a little standoffish, which I have found, too. It is hard to even get her to say “hi” or “goodbye” to me, although she usually says hi to Avery. I guess she asked Nik some questions about my hearing, which is fine, except that she asked it in the same vein as someone would say, “Is she…like…an alien or something?” But, overall, I guess they had fun.

It was OMSI day for Big Kids and I. The last few times I was supposed to take them there was either an emergency hospitalization for me or a national tragedy or both. Today, we had the national tragedy, with all of Boston on lockdown while they had a manhunt for the Marathon Bomber. But no hospitalization, so I guess that is good?

Their class was in the physics lab on bridges. The teacher talked in this monotone tourguide voice. It took me a minute to realize they were not watching a movie with narration voiceover, because he was pointing to a screen with pictures of bridges on it. They made I guess what might be called a trestle bridge at the end.  Aaron had some kind of whiney, cry fit at the end because I don’t know why. I just get annoyed by them. We were able to snooth it over a bit and he actually finished his while Naim didn’t quite. But it went ok.

After we went to Mythbusters! The Explosive Exhibition! Then we spend a lot of time in the Life Sciences lab, which we have not done a lot of in the past. Naim and I went through the fetus development room (which you are not allowed to photograph.) We had gone before, but I think he was too young to get that they were real fetus corpses before. He kind of got a little wide-eyed about that this time.  We spent some time in the life science lab with all the aquariums of animals. Then we flosted across to the earth science hall and they spent some time in the watershed lab.

In the evening, they went to a party at HFAC called “CandyLand” where they played a giant game of candyland and watched Willy Wonka and had dinner. It sounded like everyone had fun. We told Naim he did not have to watch Avery, that’s what the adults were for. But he acted like his whole night was spent watching Avery anyway, to which I said, well that was your choice, then.

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