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VH Week 3: Thursday

I spent about 45 minutes with Naim in Discoverers. We played Sorry! and I watched during circle time and then we played with play doh. He seems, like me, to need an intermediary for social interactions. Once you go and get him started with talking to other kids, he does ok. As a person who also likes a social intermediary, I have to push myself to do this for him. But often, I can just give him a few words to get him started and then he is ok. I left him with Aaron, Stockton and some other kid playing in a rice tub. Later, I went to drama with him and spent the first 20 minutes before I had to go off and do community duty.  He made me join the circle and play drama games, which I really hate. But I did a couple. He seems really at home in that class. My sister sent me a picture she found of Dwight on a hand bike from like 18 years ago when he was in a charity bike thing. I showed it to Naim on my iPad, then he wanted to know if he could show it to other kids. I said, yes, so he went around saying “that’s my dad.” It was like, he just wants some reassurance that what he wants to do is ok.

Aaron got another candy bar in Measure for Treasure. I admits it. I’m ignoring this. I think it is dumb but I’ll leave it up to him and the teacher. (Naim thinks it is dumb, too, which is good. Because that teacher knows I have twins and it could be really hard on Naim that Aaron gets a whole stupid candy bar just for showing up to class and not being a monster.)

Naim said that in Drama he learned that “It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it shouldn’t be horrible, either.” I said, “That pretty much sums up life, Naim.”

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