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    January 2012
    M T W T F S S
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    Avery, Naim, Aaron

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Magic Schoolbus (Fieldtrip 2012: FT 2)

We went to the Newmark Theater to see Magic Schoolbus Live. It was put on by the Oregon Children’s Theater. I may be biased but I like the NWCT productions better. It was good and the kids had fun, but it lacked some of the surprises and character that you always have at NWCT productions. It was about climate change and Miss Frizzle and the kids went to the Arctic, a tropical island, and then became molecules in the ozone layer. I liked a part where they used ribbons (like in Rythmic gymnastics) to represent the sun rays that were trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. They gave a lot of basic ideas for things kids could do to be kinder to the environment. It was kind of fun to go to a bigger, “real” theater. This was in the Performing Arts Center and while not the biggest theater they have there, we did climb and climb and climb to get up to our seats. We had seats in the center front of the balcony. I got a pic or two before it started, and lets see about a program of some sort.

Magic Schoolbus Playbill

Sitting up in the Balcony, these pictures didn't turn out very good, but you can see Aaron's new tooth hole!

Looking down from the balcony to stage, I know it is a bad pic.

After we hung around Pioneer Square while we waited for Nik and Avery to meet us for citizenship pictures (which we finally got done). Aaron and Naim had fun naming and watching the pigeons and gulls that are always flying around there.

Aaron was just enthralled with the birds.

This is one of the few times we were able to hang out here, usually the kids and I are rushing off to a different train or bus when we stop here.

Space to run! We waited for Nik for about a half an hour here. They were completely happy just running around.

When we got home, we played Monopoly Jr. Last time I won but this time I went bankrupt. It is different than regular monopoly that when you land on a property (or in this case, amusement park rides) you have to buy it. So, if you go around a time or two and only land on railroads (which you can’t buy) or Chance, you end up not being able to buy property because it is all bought up. Then you only pay rent (in this case, tickets). This is what happened to me, I only was able to buy one property. And then after that it was just a money drain except for my $2 dollars for passing GO. I wonder if it would make it more exciting to let everyone choose which property to buy instead of requiring it. Anyway, Naim won. We practiced a lot of making change with monopoly money. I have been “The Bank” each time, I think I will turn it over to someone else next time.