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June 5, 2013

Today was the end of another Village Home year. And it was the last class for the kids in Discoverers with Teacher Bobbi. Naim made her a sweet little card-or big card-with one of his photographs taped to it. They had a “teddy bear picnic” outside and Naim invited me to it. But then I came and he went over and sat by himself, but then he came around. I am not sure what they did in their other classes. I don’t know what became of their film making class. Was there a film? Naim says they are supposed to email it to us but who knows. I know there were bits of films! And filming! And interviews! Aaron said something about watching big booms in Science Olympiad. Then there was messy garage and measure for treasure. So, that was that year wrapped up. Avery and I hung out in the park and played in the fountain and in the playroom a bit.

One of Naim’s film making films:


At the Discoverers picnic.


I was not planning on staying, so had to get Avery an emergency bagel.


Aaron running around with the Discoverers kids.


It took him a while, but he eventually got totally wet.


It was a hot day.

May 29, 2013

VH day today. It was wacky Wednesday so Aaron wore mismatched socks, an inside-out sweatshirt and his general grievous costume.

I heard that the film from filmmaking is done. Not sure when I will get to see it. Aaron made a “hover balloon” in science. It was a balloon stuck in a fountain drink lid that would deflate and hover above the surface. He also brought home a gigantic ball of masking tape from messy garage.

Avery and I mostly just hung out at home today.

March 15, 2013

This was a Village Home day.

Discoverers….happened. Aaron took a shark for show and tell.

Filmaking had something to do with typing out words. From what I could tell, they were typing out titles or subtitles or something for their video.

Science Olympiad. I need to check on if I need to do anything for the science fair. Aaron says he is making a project with projectile marshmallows where he sees what kind of device shoots them the farthest.

I did not hear too much about Messy Garage or Measure for Treasure. Just that Dori is hard on him, which makes me laugh. Aaron brought a variety of crap home again from messy garage. I just realized that he hasn’t made anything in there for a few weeks. He is having a lot of behavior issues now, and he kind of needs to straighten up.

Avery and I went to the mall and did a bit of shopping. I am going to have to figure out how to find the money to shop for kids clothes at places like gymboree because all the clothes at Target suck so bad for boys. We got new shoes for Avery and he had a fit about them. He hates new shoes until he wears them for a few days.

April 17, 2013

VH Day.

What did I hear? We talked about how Naim entertains everyone in discoverers and how discoverers is mainly for having opportunities to make and play with friends. He kind of seems to like to be the class entertainer and kind of seems to look upon it as a burden.

They interviewed some people for his Film-making class. Apparently Naim was an interviewer. They went to Aaron’s class to interview kids, but Aaron was not interviewed. I think he thought he should have preferential brother treatment, but didn’t get it.

In Measure for Treasure they measured “stuff.”

In Science Olympiad they finished their bottle rockets but did not launch them yet.

In messy garage, who knows, but Aaron carried a cardboard tube all the way home with  a spider on it. All the way on the max, the walk home, etc. Then the cardboard tube and the spider went to live in our backyard.

Avery and I hung out at home and mostly did nothing. But we did look at pictures on the iPad and he was imitating a lot of words as I was saying them. His speech is actually pretty good.  We also played games from PBS’s preschool game app, and he gets those after I model a few times. He was doing shape sorting and adding to simple patterns.

April 10, 2013

VH Day.

What did I hear? Discoverers? Nada. Filmmaking, I was asked to come in next week for an interview to be filmed. I will have to ask the teacher to confirm this. Science Olympiad sounds like it was about bottle rocket making out of 2 liter plastic bottles. Measure for Treasure is focusing on Money this term.

Avery and I worked on some Buttercups when we were home together, but mostly he wanted to lay around with me. We read some books. In particular we have been reading the “Baby Bug” Magazine on the iPad, which I am actually pretty impressed with.

April 3, 2013

Kids were excited to go back to VH today for third term. It will be their last term for Discoverers after three years. Which seems like Wow! We had teacher Terri for Little Villagers for so long it seemed like, but we have had teacher Bobbi for longer. Naim is excited about moving on to the next level, but Aaron is not. But he did not want to leave Little Villagers, either and then he was fine. Aaron said they made Bottle Rockets in science Olympiad and he made a bunch of ??? in Messy Garage. Naim said his teacher in film-making had a shit fit because something on the computer wasn’t working. Since I just recently had the same shit fit over his hamster movie, I can’t really judge. Measure for Treasure was met with similar enthusiasm. He says he thinks it is boring, but is always excited to go to VH.

Avery and I stopped by HFAC and signed up again since I HATE 24 hour fitness with a vengeance and the kids can’t do anything at all there and the whole thing is about getting everyone in the family more active. Again, I hate how all of that is segregated and I have to sit around while the kids are active or they have to sit around while I am. At HFAC, at least, there are several things we can do together. At age 9, the kids can take a safety class and then do everything except weights and hot-tubs/saunas. Until then, there is some co-adult/kid classes like yoga and zumba, which we will try. Avery can stay in childcare, which is now open full-time again.

Avery and I then came home and worked on some Buttercups stuff. We are working through his Spring Bulletin board, but many more things to go.


The current theme is on food, moving into easter eggs and Spring, which I guess we are late for, but whatever.

March 6, 2013

Today was VH day and I dropped the kids off and came back home. Avery and I worked on Buttercups curriculum with an art project. I noticed that he has some idea of color, and when prompted could say pu pu for purple, boo for blue and geen for green. Obviously there are signs that he has been working with color in one or both of his preschools.  We also read some books and played with some puzzles, barn and blocks. I like having a day to spend with just him. He did start getting sick midday and had awful diarriah. He slept on and off from about 11:30 on through the night.

The VH report was that Discoverers was discoverers, filmmaking was working on editing, measure for treasure was again MATH! and fractions. Aaron did not tell me much about Science Olympiad, and he made some small things in messy garage for Avery and Naim.