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2012: 7

Aaron and Naim went with Nik to a toy store in downtown Hillsboro to pick out a gift for Aaron’s friend, S, who is having a birthday party tomorrow. They each had a $10 spending limit and had to wrap the presents themselves there (they have a wrapping station and got A LOT of help from the sales person, I’m told.) But they wrote their names on a label and did well. Naim’s was some type of articulating wooden robot and a very small robot that they ended up using as a “bow” on the package. Aaron got a small stuffed dog, a dolphin and a starfish.

Nik and I had a ton of phone calling to make when we got home both to immigration attorneys and to the “so-called new job.” We didn’t get done till late afternoon so I did only partial school today. Got the B-day party tomorrow afternoon, so I will finish up what is planned for today tomorrow morning and then we will have to have school Sunday, too. And then Monday again for next week. We’ll see how well they tolerate that. It will have been basically Monday through the following Saturday-12 days-without a day off for them…although they have had short days and field trip days in there.

Today we did:

  • We read “A Dog, a Boy, and a Frog” which is actually a wordless book. So Naim told the story of the pictures.
  • Read “A Bus for Miss Moss” and did the activities in the back of the book.
  • Finished Math Lessons 2.1-2.3 that we started last time. Finished Lesson 2.4 today, dealing with one more/one less and two more/two less. Naim sails through most math. Aaron does ok but spends all of his time making math work into art projects. Today he made a hammock between two plants for a seahorse in an aquarium picture, and then when having to draw a certain number of items (circles, lines, squares) he drew Fish and sea life to continue the “theme” of the aquarium. Once, the number was 9 and he started with a whale. Then he knew he was going to run out of space so he drew shrimp, cuz shrimp are small. Then he really ran out of room for the last 2 or 3 so they were plankton. It takes forever, but it is entertaining.

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