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Head Start Confusion, Field Trip Day (2012 FT: 1)

Danielle came over and totally confused us about head start. She doesn’t know what she is talking about. Rather than go into all the sordid details, I’ll leave it at that now he is on the waiting list for the “combination class” which is Tuesday/Thursday with no transportation.  Before, she said there was no waiting list, so WHATEVER. Now I’m still supposed to go there for a “trial” next Tuesday.  I had to decide today to remove him from VH. I figured we can take him on Tuesday and play with him in the playroom and it is about the same thing that he does in there now. And Free! We will stay in the Home-based program until/if/when he gets unwaitlisted. Frustrating, because we have basically screwed around for 4 months because she doesn’t know what she is doing. She is new, but still. At least she is really trying to work with us and find the right placement. I like her, I just wish there had been better communication about this. By the time he gets in it, we may be gone from this land anyway at the way things are going with the “Zelandonii Project.”

While she was here, she brought bubbles, which was a big hit, and puppets. She complained about EI Jean, which was funny. She said if she were a kid she would be afraid of Jean. I agreed. She also suggested several activities to work on Avery’s mouth muscles and focus, which I thought were a good idea, like blowing things with straws and that type of thing. I am confused as to my next step with private SLP, I think(?) I have to get all the documentation from the pediatrician and then try to get Tuality Health to pre-approve it. Then Kathy K. said she would take him.

She also made me come up with a “family goal”, and I just bullshitted my way through something about all of us eating better and exercising more. Which isn’t total bullshit, because we are really working on it. I’m doing WW and that is translating into what everyone eats. Naim is running with Nik and I am going to do Aqua Therapy since I screwed up my knee last week and can’t do much exercise. I just kind of think our “Family Goals” are really none of their business. I could have gone off on Zelandonii, but too complicated, besides, right now we are trying to keep the kids out of it. After I said that, she pulls out this flyer for a class on family nutrition their dietitian is giving clear down at their Scholls Ferry office next week. Great. Now I feel obligated to go. But shit that is far on the bus, and I wouldn’t be able to hear/see anyway, so I might try to negotiate a home visit instead.

Head Start Notes

Family Partnership Agreement

We had a bunch of errands to do today, so after she left, I dropped off Avery at D’s with Nik and the kids and I went on ahead downtown so we could go to the bank and get a key and we were supposed to meet Nik and get Avery’s and his citizenship pics done but then the store was closed, even though it said right on it that it should be open. Nik had to go file his BOLI complaints against Wells Fargo with the DRO attorney. So, while we waited for that, kids and I went to Glowing Greens miniature golf, which is in the basement of the Hilton Hotel. We had fun. Naim said he was scared first, because you descend this staircase into the basement and there are pirates and skeletons and stuff. But then he thought it was great. Aaron played “Gockey” which is a combo of miniature golf and hockey I think. If you would have counted his strokes, they would have been about in the 50s or 60s, so we didn’t keep score. And sometimes he even played “gowling” where he just tossed the ball up the ramp. Naim tried to pretty much play by the rules. I could not see at all, so I had one kid be my ball locator and the other stand by the hole and talk to me. I ended up doing much better than I thought I would. Several times I did it in about 2 or three strokes. Pure luck, since I haven’t played in about 20 years. Naim wants to go back, so maybe next time we will invite Ruoda. Also, since when we were done before Nik was done at the attorney’s, we killed time by going into that rock/fossil store at Pioneer Place. Aaron especially loves to look at the fossils and all the semi-precious stones, and the dinosaur cave in the back, of course. They also spent much of the day running around trying to grab the last little bits of snow and throwing it at each other. I so need to take them to Mt. Hood or something. They are all about the snow, and it is so sad/funny to see them run around trying to grab at tiny patches of snow to make a snowman.

Forgot camera again, doing that a lot lately, so here is a representative pic or two of the glowing greens.

The pictures here look way brighter than it seemed inside, but maybe that is just my eyeballs.

That little ramp is the ramp Aaron "gowl-ed" up.