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2012: 13


My scanner has been sent into the manufacturer, so hopefully will get back soon as I am getting behind on scanning kid stuff. But Avery had HS today with Nik and Danielle. They did bubbles and Avery said Bubbles and Wow, according to notes. But it seemed that a lot more gossip happened than anything with Avery. But interesting:

Apparently the consensus among everyone about the boss woman there is that she is a condescending bitch. When the Spanish speaking moms talk I can sometimes pick out words and piece together what they are saying along with their body language or some of the English they say. They were all making fun of her when she did the earthquake thing. Then I guess Nik and Danielle were making fun, too. The consensus about her is unanimous. So, now it becomes just sport to see what she does when she comes in and what the Hispanic ladies say about her, cuz they are funny. Of course, wouldn’t want to work for her.

Which brings to next piece of gossip. There is a job opening soon for a developmental specialist who works with EI and ECE and also some of the kids who don’t qualify for those programs but fall through the cracks. Danielle wants me to apply. Free onsite childcare! But it would be a lot of bureaucratic red tape job. And working for THAT woman. I think I am going for instead working on contract for clients who are deaf blind, low skill or multi handicapped at OCB on a part-time as needed basis.

But the saddest bit of the discussion was about a classmate of Avery’s who is also severely language delayed but whose mother is deaf, illiterate, undocumented and in a bad family situation. I’ve been asked for advice. She seems to come from a Spanish speaking background but has no sign whatsoever except for some home signing. So, I’m looking to find either an ASL + Spanish interpreter or the other route I could go would be to use some sort of pictorial AAC with her. There is a pretty good one for iPad that I’d like to try, but HS would have to buy it for me because it is $189. Which is actually a really good price for a AAC method. That might get the quickest form of communication, and then build on English and ASL with her as time goes on. We shall see what I can come up with. Also could look into a Signing Time curriculum with her and her kid. The undocumented part is the trickiest…so much she needs to fly under the radar for, but her son is a citizen, so everything has to be under the auspices of helping him.

Math today. Aaron knows all the answers without using counters. Fine, but then he doesn't feel the need to tell me what they are. He did like the addends exercise we did, though.

Naim is pretty systematic in math. He likes to find all the patterns. He doesn't cut corners and will find a system to do everything. His main problem is handwriting (numerals) and getting them backwards.

But moving on to Big Kids today:

  • Read “Grizzly Bear Rock” and did Usborne worksheet
  • Math: Did addition sums to 10. Used flashcards and counters and also figured out the addends for 6,7,8,9,10 using counters. Completed 2 sections of Ch. 3 in book plus corresponding practice pages.
  • Sylvan: Aaron did -ow words and Naim did review up to T. Aaron also did ten spelling words.
  • Naim read The Cat and Pat 2X. It is one of the beginning readers from Calvert K. He was driving me crazy with not remembering THE. We’ve gone over it only 200,000,000 times. But it seems like it is new all over again. I half play around with the idea of taking him to Sylvan when I take Avery to SPL. They are almost right next to each other. And then someone else can be frustrated with him!
  • Aaron did worksheets for Lesson 5 in HOP, which were SL- and SM- words.
  • Word Time was SHOVEL and HAUL
  • HWT was C.

VH Week 6: Thursday

Kids did their valentines in Discoverers. Aaron passed out his by himself and Naim had help from Bobbi, but all seemed to go OK without me. I did not hear much about classes. Joyce came and said Aaron did well, but he wasn’t getting his bionicle until the end of term, which made Aaron go into a heaping fit. At the same time, Joyce was trying to give me pants that her son had grown out of, I’m trying to get Naim to help me pick up the playroom as I was on community duty, Avery and Zohara are fighting over a Thomas train, then Avery takes off. So, I had to leave Aaron in a heap on the floor and get Naim to help me search for Avery, wherein Naim yells, “We LOST our BABY!” and then five moms went into action and Avery was soon found down the hall. But typical VH.

Forgot to get tickets for the Auction party. Need to remember next week before prices go up.

Avery and I went to Costco to get my 24 Hour Fitness membership voucher, and then went to 24 Hour Fitness to do all the paperwork with JOEY, who did honor my child care deal that he promised on Tuesday. So, essentially, I am paying $23 a month for myself plus childcare for Avery. At HFAC I was paying around $150 for same. Also, I can go to any “Sport” location, so I can go to the one near NWCT when Naim has classes there and even downtown after church (though I would have to pay an additional $4 each for Big Kid child care there.) Avery and I walked around the child care room for a few minutes. He seemed OK. But was happy to leave as well, so we will see how it goes.

VH: Week 6 Tuesday/Head Start

Math Playground notes for the last two weeks:

Two weeks ago we explored probability and estimating by:
– Reading Probably Pistachio by Stuart Murphy
– Taking turns using the “shake and peek” box to sample whether we found red or yellow blocks, then, based on the class samples, guessing whether there were more red or yellow blocks in the box
– Tossing a penny and recording heads and tails
– Bouncing a ping-pong ball into colored lids to measure how often it landed in each color
– Comparing quantities and determining which container had more and which had less

Last week we explored tally marks and counting by 5s and 10s by:
– Reading the Shel Silverstein poem “Band-Aids” and tallying how many band-aids the author had
– Adding 2-digit numbers using 10s and 1s (beads and bead strings)
– Putting “tally mark toothpicks” in order from 1 to 10
– Playing a variety of games to practice memory, visual processing, strategic thinking and quickly assessing “more” or “less”

This week we’ll celebrate Valentines Day by exploring geometry.

I saw the last few minutes of Bookworms, where it seemed they were doing something about castles and knights and jesters, and royalty, etc. They made a book about the different roles of people in the castle, and septors.

Spent a bit of time in Legos with Aaron. Then went to science with Naim where it was about the heart and circulation. They made this “heart” that was made of a tortilla, red jelly and licorice for the oxygenated blood and blue jelly and blueberries for the unoxygenated blood. It was kind of cool. They ran back and forth carrying water between two bowls to emulate circulation.

I let them get Valentines treats from a bake sale and they also got lots of valentines from people, although officially their “party” isn’t until thurs. in Discoverers.

I went to check out 24 hour fitness as a place for Avery and I to go since I have to take him with me now. They have a good daycare deal. $10 for unlimited visits per month. And Coscto has a good membership deal for $13 a month. So it is a bit sad, but I think it will be goodbye HFAC that I’m paying an arm and a leg for plus childcare. And at 24 hour fitness, I can go to multiple locations, so even Nik can go downtown after work. I don’t know that this means we are staying, but even if we leave, we will have this paid off in six months (as compared to HFAC) so it is really a no lose situation. 24 hour is not as nice as HFAC, but I think my little bike riding/yoga taking/lap swimming butt can manage to exercise with the plebes without too much sacrifice. I just have to remember to bring my own shampoo and towel. Hopefully, Avery will like the childcare. It looks pretty nice. Lots of things to climb on.

Avery went to Head Start with Nik today. Probably one of the last times he gets to take him. They did Dental check up again and he did well and likes the place and knows the routine. I haven’t said anything to Nik about the supervisor there. I think she is JUST AWFUL and condescending. I wanted to see what he thought of her without my influence. He met her today and had the exact same reaction. I guess she came over and just gushed over him. Funny. But the regular two teachers are nice there and not condescending at all. So it is more funny than anything else. He took some stealth pictures. I will not put up any pics of other children or their mothers, but lets see if there are a few of just Avery…

He always looks so somber in pictures. He actually laughs all the time...at home anyway.

A bit of a stealth scene of the room with no kids.

To be fair, head start is what forced us to get Avery off the sippy cup. He does well with it.

Another view of the room. Those chairs are TINY and we eat lunch while hugging our knees.

Avery very much enjoys his lunch and is learning to put his own dishes away, with varying amounts of success.

More views of the room with no kids. There is an outside area, too. But they didn't go outside today because of the dentist stuff.

2012: 12

  • Read Usborne Very First Reader Book 5 “Grizzly Bear Rock” and did activities in the back of the book.
  • Math: Did lessons 3.1 and 3.2 and part of 3.3 Addition.
  • Sylvan: Aaron did -0t words and Naim did Tt
  • Word Time (TOOL PLIERS)
  • Handwriting Review words
  • PE: played with balls and cones. tried to “slalom” the balls soccer style with limited success. Played a game of “bumper boats” with cones, chased ball up and down the alley. Played freeze tag with wrist ribbon thingies. Played Naim’s game of statue. Avery mostly rode his little wheel.

Downtown Sunday 3

I sat in on choir and Naim was a little moody about it but participated. Aaron sits out but raises his hand, sings and participates more than Naim. But he is NOT in choir. I give him two to three more weeks to join the circle.

Avery did ok, but had a bit of trouble with Nik leaving him in the nursery. He said he was sitting in the table (in the little kid chairs) when he left, and he was in the same place when we came back. I HOPE he was not in there the whole time! They have suggested twice now that he could go to the jr. preschool, which is for kids who turned 2 in September last year, which is NOT him. I don’t think he is ready. I think again, it is a case of him being big and looking like a 3 year old and people over estimating his maturity. I’m not going to do it until next fall.

Big kids made valentines and seemed to do well in class. Avery and I came in during snack. And the teacher said they did well and they were excited to show me their valentines. They both say they like this church better. Not sure if that is real or just because it is shiny and new. We shall see.

After, we had to go to the Apple store to fix Nik’s computer and iPod. Kids spent a lot of time playing Dora at the kid computer table.

We also made and sent out all of our valentines ( a bit late, but we did it) to the Homeschool Valentine exchange kids. They were from FL, WV, AK, MA, OH, CA, VA, and OR. So that was kind of fun. We sent out valentines we got from oriental trading company where we had to assemble them. We wrote a letter about ourselves and added a heart tattoo. Also made and sent valentines to Karolyn and Richie.

Wed/Thurs/Friday/Saturday a-no-go (w/Fieldtrip 4: OMSI and 2012: 11)

So, lets see.  A bit of catch-up.

Wednesday, we were supposed to go to OMSI, but it didn’t materialize. We went downtown Hillsboro, instead. To subway and to collect auction items for VH. Then to outdoors in.

Thursday I felt really crappy and we did not go to VH. It is my fault and I got in trouble from the kids, especially Aaron for it. Nik is working and I’m trying to get a schedule down and catch up, but I got sick and it didn’t so much happen.

Friday, the kids went to OMSI with D. I wanted to go, but I was still sick. It seems they had a good time and I did not hear too much about it except that N did not want to stay in the biology/life science place for too long.

OK, I think there was school somewhere in those three days and for the life of me, I can’t remember what we did. Very bad!

OK…Saturday? I think we did school. I know we read A Cat on a Mat, did the last bit of Chapter 2 in math and did the test, did sylvan and did handwriting Z. I know we didn’t do all of individual reading.

VH: Week 5 Tuesday

Kids had math playground, where apparently they did “stuff with cards.”

Bookworms was some books about tropical islands and the teachers brother came to talk to them. He apparently just got back from the Peace Corps. They also made leis. Of wish I am wearing one right now. It is made out of elastic and pieces of straw and beads.  It is oh-so-comfortable!

Naim made a picture of a robot he was very happy with in science and also they made “moon stone” which looks very much to me like a glob of plaster of paris. But all was good and they had fun.

I had Nik talk to the other teachers about Aaron’s behavior, and seems to all be ok, except some say he chooses not to participate sometimes and he does so without bugging everyone. So, there you go…don’t know what to make of that, except that the more you push him, the bigger crisis you are going to have. Sometimes you’ve got to wade your way through it anyway. He chose to take Measure for Treasure, so I’m not feeling too sorry for him. And some teachers are not going to dazzle you but you have to be a civil human being anyway. It still makes me think that he is playing her.

Legos seems to be not the same draw that it used to be, so don’t hear much anymore. He wants to take science with Naim instead but I think it is wait listed. Naim happens to be in the same room all Tuesday for all three of his classes. He says, “The teachers come to ME.”

In Avery news, got IFSP copy yesterday in the mail. Jean is trying to blow me off but I’m not letting her. Got authorization for speech today, so will set up appointment for that.