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June 5, 2013

Today was the end of another Village Home year. And it was the last class for the kids in Discoverers with Teacher Bobbi. Naim made her a sweet little card-or big card-with one of his photographs taped to it. They had a “teddy bear picnic” outside and Naim invited me to it. But then I came and he went over and sat by himself, but then he came around. I am not sure what they did in their other classes. I don’t know what became of their film making class. Was there a film? Naim says they are supposed to email it to us but who knows. I know there were bits of films! And filming! And interviews! Aaron said something about watching big booms in Science Olympiad. Then there was messy garage and measure for treasure. So, that was that year wrapped up. Avery and I hung out in the park and played in the fountain and in the playroom a bit.

One of Naim’s film making films:


At the Discoverers picnic.


I was not planning on staying, so had to get Avery an emergency bagel.


Aaron running around with the Discoverers kids.


It took him a while, but he eventually got totally wet.


It was a hot day.