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VH: Winter Week 1, Thursday

Avery in Little Villagers, made cheerio bird feeders.

Avery went back to Little Villagers with Nik today. I worked at D’s the last couple of days. But to back up just a wee bit. Avery had his EI IFSP six month review. It was slightly tense between Jean and I. Not so much about going over his progress, but about the fact that EI is not providing enough services so I want her to write something that will get him into speech so OHP will pay for it. In the end, we blamed it on the federal government, which is true, but she really is quite useless.

Also had Head Start with Danielle. We are going to put him in the two day a week program next week for a trial run. It is more a travel/scheduling issue than anything else. I think he does better out of our house. He is too busy wandering around and doing his own thing at home. Danielle is fine, but sometimes the visits are painful and not productive. I could be doing something else with him. So next Tues will go to his regular socialization, and Thurs. will be trial run at the EHS program in Hillsboro. It is much closer, so no bus for an hour. But no bus period. We will have to get there ourselves. The trial is to see how bad that is. It is walking about a K to get to the max, then about a 10 minute max ride, then another K of walking on a street with no sidewalks. If this goes well, we will take him out of Little Villagers.

Head Start Notes

Aaron and Naim had Discoverers which seemed to go ok. Naim complains that it is always play-doh and paint, but when he is there he seems to like it and be ok. Aaron went to measure for treasure where it looked like they did clock stuff. He made a nice clock. Naim did a game in drama class that we all had to do at home. It was something like pretending you were stuck inside a ball, then stretching out the ball, then rolling in it, then bumping into other balls. The one who thought it was the funnest was Avery. He laughed and laughed. Oh, also, Naim is “in love” with a boy in drama class with curly blonde hair just like him. Oh, thank goodness. Maybe we won’t have to hear about him not finding any friends there.

Twas about it, I think.