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February 7, 2013

Avery went to ECSE and came home in different pants. So his first accident there. And I still Cannot believe that they don’t take 3 year olds to the bathroom!

Big kids:

  • MIF practice pages for Lessons 1 and 2 of Ch. 12 and workbook pages for lesson 2. 
  • Sylvan. Aaron did 2 pages in Vocabulary. Naim finished his book! And Naim also did spelling words.
  • Aaron did the DVD and book for Lesson 4. He read the book to himself.  I didn’t have time to have him read it too me. I will have him read it again tomorrow.
  • Naim did the DVD and book for lesson 8.
  • Aaron did e in HWT
  • Naim did practice with circles on the chalkboard and whiteboard.
  • They watched division and metric system (meters) in BrainPop
  • Aaron did several of his origami from the kit he got for Christmas.
Avery waiting for the bus.

Avery waiting for the bus.

IMG_1153 IMG_1154

February 7, 2013

Village Home day.

The biggest thing that happened this day is that through an unfortunate chain of events that included firedrills, library books and lost strollers, I left my backpack at village and ended up making the kids walk a total of 5 miles to retrieve it.

But otherwise, I think they had a good day. They read the LORAX in Discoverers, Aaron had an accident in Messy Garage that involved wearing teenaged pants from the swap table (and then walking in them for 31/2 miles with a piece of yarn tied around them for a belt.) Avery and I visited the library and read books and got some for the kids. And I can’t recall them saying much else to me about classes. Naim did get to turn in his auction donations to the office.

February 5, 2013

Avery stayed with us (rather than go to ECSE) and we all went to the Dentist.

Avery was not having it. it was a wrestling match, and I don’t quite get the point of kids this little going to the dentist. I only started it because Head Start made me. It is a waste. They did not get xrays, they barely got a look at his teeth, they put a bit of flouride on them and he suffered a whole lot of trauma for really, nothing.

Aaron refused to let them polish his teeth, and because he is harder to hold down, I guess they decided to take him over to a sink and do it with him standing up, which went ok. Couldn’t they have done that with Avery?

Naim did good, of course. None of them had any cavities. Naim needs a tooth pulled if it doesn’t come out soon (its a baby tooth.) He also has a consult with the orthodontist about his underbite in August.

After we took a LONG walk (over a mile) to Papa’s Pizza. They played there for the afternoon, and then we came home.

The calm before the storm.

The calm before the storm.

All three of 'em, in a line.

All three of ’em, in a line.

IMG_1138 IMG_1140 IMG_1141 IMG_1146 IMG_1147 IMG_1150

February 4, 2013

Avery had all day Goddard. He spent some more time in the Forest room. We have decided to put him in for a whole day/half day. Because it is sometimes very hard to go anywhere and come get him at 1:00 or to bring him home at 1:00 and then nap him and get him up to go later. He is a kid who still needs an afternoon nap.

Erika came to give me Naim’s assessment results. I was only ho-hum about what she said. There was no great insight there, and no real plan at least that was spelled out. I don’t mean it was a total waste, it is always good to bring in new people when you have a problem you are not sure how to handle, and Naim likes her coming, too. So I will stay the course, but it was just like, yeah. Okay, tell me something I didn’t know, and more importantly, tell me what to do about it. She still doesn’t really have a grasp on the problems he faces and the extent of them. But I wouldn’t expect her to in such a short time. Naim was evesdropping the whole time, and I knew he would. And since the whole, meet without him bugged me anyway (Nothing about me, without me and such.) I didn’t really care. But it made her do “low voice” and then it was really hard to understand her. Finally she just brought him down, and I was like, why not just do this to begin with? We are not telling him he has cancer here, we are talking about problems that he articulates and understands better than the two of us anyway. She mentioned Aaron as a dominating force and bringing him into therapy, which is probably a good idea. She went off on him not putting himself in a family picture he drew. I asked him about it later and he was surprised that she took it as some big significant thing. He said he just forgot and that he hates to draw and he just wanted to get the picture done, so he probably hurried too much. Probably the truth lies somewhere in-between.

Also, we had drama and art downtown, which went well. I have a few pictures.

For schoolwork, lets see:

  • We read the second book in Discoveries, Spots. Aaron read it and we did the discussion questions and the workbook pages.
  • We did half of Lesson 2 in Ch. 12 of MIF. This was about place value, and slowly, slowly, Naim is beginning to grasp that.
  • Both did 2 pp. of Sylvan
  • Naim did another day of review of Unit 3 in HOP. I thought he needed more work with the short u sound.
  • Aaron did the worksheets for Lesson 3 in HOP
  • Naim did the worksheets, practice book and workbook pages for horizontal lines in ZB
  • Aaron did i in HWT.


    They were coming back from the greenroom where they have snack.

    They were coming back from the greenroom where they have snack.

    He has his own sketch book there.

    He has his own sketch book there.

    Another of Aaron's pictures.

    Another of Aaron’s pictures.

    Aaron took these of Naim's class. I don't know what they do in there, but they seem to have a lot of fun.

    Aaron took these of Naim’s class. I don’t know what they do in there, but they seem to have a lot of fun.

February 2-3, 2013

We went to downtown Hillsboro armed with Village Home auction donation forms and hit several of the local stores down there. Nik and A and N did it. I stayed outside with Avery because he was being less than cooperative. They did a good job. They got donations from the bowling alley, a bike shop, a toy store and possibly a music store that was less than committed, but said they would think about it. Later they got another from WeVillage.

Then we went to Bagely park and hung out there while I showed Nik around. Julie and her husband could not make it at the last minute, but we decided to go ahead and adopt it anyway and then if they want, they can help out. I filed out the paperwork, now we have to set up a walk-through with the park people.

Later, WeVillage was having a free dinner deal for the kids, so we dropped them off there and went out to dinner ourselves.

On Sunday, we visited D, and Aaron got his tech privileges back so they got to play minecraft together.

At the nursing home, playing with electronics.

At the nursing home, playing with electronics.


It was hard to get a good angle.

It was hard to get a good angle.

It was hard to get a good angle.

February 1, 2013

Avery’s Freely. He also got a “graduation” certificate. He visited the Forest classroom today for a bit and they say he loves it and doesn’t want to come back. But what else are they going to say? But I believe it because he was exited to be there when I went with him a couple of weeks ago.

Big Kids:

  • We reread The Pet Vet (Naim actually read it and did well.) We wrote down all the rhyming words and then played a memory game with them.
  • MIF was Lesson 1 day 2 of Ch. 12.
  • They did 2 pp. in Sylvan
  • Naim did review for unit 3 in HOP.
  • Aaron did the DVD and book for Lesson 3 in HOP
  • Naim did some horizontal line exercises for ZB
  • Aaron did some 2 pages I can’t remember now because I am writing this a week late! : (
  • It seems we did other stuff, but I cannot remember!