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January 29, 2013

Avery went to ECSE.

Naim had his second assessment with Erika. It was a lot about showing him pictures and having him make up a story to go with the pictures. We are supposed to meet next week and discuss a plan.


  • We did Lesson 1/Day one in CH. 12 of MIF. It was a good review of counting to 40 and place value.
  • Naim did 2 pp. of Sylvan, spelling words.
  • Naim did worksheets for Lesson 7 in HOP
  • Aaron did 2 pp. of Sylvan Spelling
  • Aaron did the workbook pages for lesson 2 in HOP
  • Aaron did magic C letters on the iPad and 2 pp in HWT reviewing magic C letters
  • Naim worked on vertical lines in ZB. He did a good job sitting still and having some control over what he was writing.
  • They did the cast fossil in Magic schoolbus, but Avery came along and tipped it, so they did not get to excavate it. You could see it was sort of a dinosaur, but the first one turned out so much better! And I kind of love plaster of paris.

January 27-28, 2013

Kids went to Outdoors In on Saturday so that I could get some office/bills stuff done. Also wasn’t feeling that great.

Sunday, we did not go to church. The kids went to visit D at the nursing home with Nik (even Avery.)  D talked about maybe coming home in two weeks, but I am not sure how settled that is at all. We also got in touch with the city about possibly adopting a park to care for as a service project, so still collecting info on that.

Monday, I was feeling terrible and overslept by about 3 hours! Avery missed Goddard and kids did not get school done. I kick myself a bit for this because I have appointments next week on Thursday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday. BUT! That is the end of the first round of appointments (there will be follow-ups based on these, but at least I will know more about where things are at.)

I did manage to get them downtown for art and drama. Aaron talked about clay and Naim enjoys his class. I was outside for a few minutes, there is a lot of “act” laughing and crying and carrying on. It is very upbeat.


January 25, 2013

Avery’s Freely.

Big kids:

  • Started Discoveries in Reading 1. Aaron read the first book, “The Pet Vet” and we did the workbook pages.
  • Did intro chapter stuff for MIF Chapter 12.
  • Naim did spelling words and 2 pp. in Sylvan. Aaron did 2 pp. in Sylvan Vocabulary
  • Aaron did Lesson 2 DVD and reading in HOP
  • Naim did Bonus book and reread story in Lesson 7 of HOP
  • Aaron did iPad handwriting app letters a-g and then did g in HWT.
  • Naim did mazes, and then talked more about writing within the lines, practiced on ZB whiteboard (with lines.)
  • Watched states of matter in BrainPop.
  • Did Chapter 4 in MGG.
  • Did Passports Argentina

January 24, 2013

Avery went to ECSE and made a snowman picture. He also is getting the hang of going to the bathroom right when he gets home because I still can’t BELIEVE they don’t take three year olds to the bathroom there. I try to have him go right before he leaves as well, but it is still three hours or more.

Avery's snowman. Looks like the idea was to match circle sizes.

Avery’s snowman. Looks like the idea was to match circle sizes.

Big kids:

  • We finished up Ch. 10 in MIF on weight. Aaron got 100% on the test and Naim missed 5/27. Although 4 of the ones he missed was more of a reading issue. He mixed up a picture of a pencil case and a wallet and then got the corresponding questions wrong. If you reverse them, the answers were all correct. We decided to skip the next chapter on graphing because we did SO much of that in Calvert Math. The next chapter is on numbers to 40, including addition and subtraction.
  • Both did 2pp. in Sylvan and 10 Spelling words. (Aaron did Vocabulary book today.)
  • Aaron did the worksheets for Lesson 1 in HOP
  • Naim did Lesson 7 DVD and reading in HOP.
  • Naim worked on proper sitting and pencil grip, position of paper in ZB. Also did thumb exercises where you sit and lift your butt off the ground with your thumb and fingers. Worked on snapping and touching fingers to thumbs also.
  • Aaron did “d” page in HWT
  • We watched Uranus on BrainPop. My Brainpop subscription is expired. Need to see if I can get a homeschool discount through VH or Coop. We use it all the time.
  • We made a fossil of a dinosaur toy for Magic Schoolbus.
  • Kids did a Kiwi crate activity with oil pastels and watercolor. They are postcard sized so one is going to get sent to Ruoda and another will be used for their art portfolios as name tags.


Our dinosaur fossil.

Our dinosaur fossil.

Busy artists.

Busy artists.

Name cards for art portfolios.

Name cards for art portfolios.

Various postcards.

Various postcards.




January 23, 2013

VH Day.

Avery and I dropped off the kids and then went to the hospital to visit D. I had called in the morning and they said he was still there and made no mention of leaving, but he was getting medical transport about 15 minutes after I got there to go back to the nursing home. So Avery at like half of D’s breakfast, and then we walked him down to the ambulance and we went back in. Then I decided to put him in childcare there and go have lunch, since he just ate a whole bunch of D’s food. So, after that, we heading back to VH and he played there for about an hour.

Bye, bye, D!

Bye, bye, D!

VH, I did not hear too much about. Aaron made a lot of paper airplanes in Messy Garage. Naim cut fraction pizza in Measure for Treasure. Filmaking confuses me, something about teams and one team is going to document the other team or something. There was talk in Science Olympiad about testing their parachutes from last week out of the windows. But Aaron didn’t want to do it because it was raining and he didn’t want his to get wet. (roll eyes.)  Discoverers was Discoverers.

January 22, 2013

Avery went to ECSE. He brought home a snowman with shredded paper.

School was cut short due to Naim’s psychologist visit. I am going to have to play around with that day and see what will work best. The psych visit was mostly assessment. She asked him a lot of questions and had him draw a couple of pictures. He seemed disturbed by an answer he gave about manners. And he drew a picture of all of us “plopping.” on the bed, which we are known to do. He seemed OK with it.

So, what school we did get done:

  • We did the enrichment stuff in MIF. It was actually pretty hard. It had algebraic equations and everything! I did one of them wrong. It was if the weight of A + B = 18, and A – B = 8, then what is the weight of A and B? I got down to 8 and 10, because I was thinking that they were saying that A = 8. But it was more of a differential equation, and the answer was 13 and 5. (13 + 5 = 18, 13 – 5 = 8.) Which is hard for 1st grade math, so my brain didn’t even go there. Anyway, the enrichment book is hard!
  • Aaron did Sylvan Spelling words and 2pp. in spelling book.
  • Aaron did Lesson 1 of Level 1 of second grade HOP.
  • Aaron did letter a in HWT.

January 21, 2013

Avery’s Freely.

I had my uterine biopsy, which was unpleasant but quick. It did make me feel kind of naseaus and dizzy and painful for the rest of the day, so did not get school stuff done.

But Nik was off today so he took the kids to their Monday downtown classes. Aaron did drawing and painting (a jungle temple, a minecraft thing) and paper mache, which was too gooey and sticky for him, but he wanted to see how it turned out. That was all good. Naim’s drama class went fine. More games. They did stuff (which he demonstrated later) like being a statue and saying different words/phrases in different ways. Also “evolving” like coming from a egg and turning into a baby chick, a parent chick and an old chicken.