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February 28, 2013

Avery went to ECSE today, and came home with a Very Important Hat. He wore it all day long and was very careful to put it away when he went to bed.



Big kids and I tried to get back into the swing today. My biggest issue now is stamina and my back is killing me all the time. I have had this before after abdominal surgery. Your ab muscles aren’t doing their part and it throws everything off in your back. Naim and I are still taking short walks and I finally got new running shoes and a sensor to inspire me to go out and do some cardio work with the heart monitor on. I think I have about one more week of “recovery” to go before I can kind of get totally back to normal.

So, kids today did:

  • We did a short review of Ch. 12 since it has been so long and then I gave them the test. Aaron missed one of seventeen. Naim missed two. But again, both of their mistakes involve cases of misunderstood directions. Is that because they aren’t tested much?
  • both did 2 pp. Sylvan and 5 spelling words each
  • Naim did Bonus book stuff for HOP Lesson 9 and reread the story in the regular workbook
  • Aaron did the DVD and reading for HOP Lesson 6
  • Naim worked on the iPad and ZB books on letter Ii
  • Aaron did the letter j in HWT

In the afternoon, Naim and I worked on his Moonlight hamster video.

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