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February 20, 2013

So it is a bit of a weird week because Avery does not have school and Monday was a day off for Nik. I was actually dead sick on Sunday/Monday with likely Norovirus, so nothing much happened then and I canceled Erika for Tuesday because of it. Tuesday was pretty low key but we did manage to make it to the park for a bit.

Today was VH day. This was the first day I tried going home and coming back to pick them up. It sure would be nice if they could get a ride home, it is hard to go back. But I have all but given up getting rides in Portland. It is just not done (with few and far between exceptions). Anyway, it went ok though. We got back by 10:10 and left to get them at 1:30. So, I guess the math goes something like, if I spend the whole day there, I am occupied from 8:30 – 3:15 or 6 hours and 45 minutes.  Only 2 hours on transit, but much of that time is spent stressfully managing Avery and paying money for things I don’t need like coffee and food just to pass the time in a coffee shop or something. It isn’t like I can grocery shop or anything in that amount of time and get the food (how to carry?) back to my house and be back. If I come back home, I have about 3 hours and twenty minutes or so minutes of pure transit, but a little over three hours to relax at home for free with Avery.

So, I didn’t really have anything planned for Avery to do, but he was having a lot of fun with quiet alone time with me. We did some puzzles and looked at pictures on the iPad, in which he was (with prompting) naming Aaron and Naim (A A and Ni Ni) and hanging out. Next week I think I will pull together an art project or something. Stuff that is hard to do in the usual house chaos with him. I think in total the day was less tiring that way. And it isn’t as if I still can’t stop at the library while I am there or whatever sometimes. So, I think it will continue.

Kids didn’t give too much detail about classes. Aaron says he made a transporter that was too big to bring home in Messy garage, did BORING stuff like talk about plant cells in science, and not much about discoverers. Naim–I don’t know WHAT is going on in that filmaking class. He can’t seem to tell me anything about it and what he does tell me sounds like only problems. I will reserve judgment for now, and see if anything shakes out by the end of the term, but whatever. Measure for Treasure was “more art.”I think they are doing a lot with fractions which involves cutting things into parts.

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