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January 16, 2013

VH day.

Nik stayed home sick because his boss told him to. And I was so happy because that meant I did not have to take Avery with me to VH, then to the hospital to get my cardiac test, then back to VH, then home. It would have kind of sucked. But my cardiac thingy went OK. Still tachycardia but no arrhythmia or other abnormalities.  So it is looking like the Tach is due to anemia/ low hemotocrit. I have been taking iron in gargantuan quantities, trying to pair it with vitamin C and potassium, but hematocrit numbers take around 120 days to improve. So, I can do “light exercise” until my numbers increase, hopefully in a few months.

So, kids at VH. Discoverers was fine. Naim wants to take Moonlight (the hamster) for show and tell. I really didn’t think I wanted to pull that off on the train with a kid in a stroller to boot, and then have the poor hamster there for 4 hours and 45 minutes. So, then we got the idea to make a documentary (from his film class) about Moonlight and take the video (on my iPad, I guess) to show and tell.

So, it is hard to discern what they are doing in film making, but Naim seems to enjoy it. I hear words like documentary and sketch and storyboard…so something is happening. I think they are working on a group film. Measure for treasure seemed fine for him.

Aaron made a parachute in Science Olympiad. Here is the link for that, finally. But they ran short on time so they did not get to test them. Held over for next week. He made a Convenient Cool Kitty Cat Carrier in Messy Garage for his little stuffed kitten. It was all very cute, but it was sort of inadvertently broken on the way home. I bet the kids who take their art projects to their cars have a much better rate of getting them home. It is a tough, tough world for a kid artist on public transit.

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