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January 17, 2013

Nik was home again today. His boss won’t let him come back till Tuesday because he is coughing so bad (but they have furlough tomorrow and MLK off Monday.) There are some vulnerable populations there, so they are fairly liberal with sick days. So he took Avery out to the bus for ECSE. Have not a clue what happened there. At some point, I will arrange to go visit again in a month or so.

Big Kids:

  • Naim finished Discoveries in Early Reading!!! YEA! We started that in fall of 2010. And got to a point where we had to stop. Took several months off (where he did actually finish watching the DVDs on his own), and then started back at the beginning again. Today he made his Letter Book that we have been working on all this time, read the story from the end of the series, and put on a puppet show. I will actually miss ZigZat and the Gelfins. : ) We will start Discoveries in Reading 1 next week with both kids. It will be a bit easy for Aaron, but not so much that he will be bored, I suspect.¬†
  • We did Ch. 10, Lesson 3, Day 2 in MIF, which was a workbook day. will wrap up the chapter next week.
  • Sylvan Spelling and books, 2pp. each.
  • Naim finished the HOP story he was screwing off with Tues., I had him redo it. Then we worked with the flip book on vowel sounds.
  • Aaron was going to do the first lesson of Second Grade HOP, but I screwed up and started him on the wrong level. So instead of making him do another, I just had him read through the review stuff at the beginning of the workbook.
  • Aaron did “t” in HWT.
  • Naim did a left/right activity in ZB. We even Hokey-Pokied. He did a page each in the practice and workbook on L/R stuff. He still goes back and forth on hand preference. Today, I think he is left-handed.
  • We watched Benjamin Franklin on BrainPop.
  • We did the first two “experiments” in Magic Schoolbus Fossil unit. The first was making a poster explaining the process of how fossils are made. The second was looking at a leaf fossil and drawing some observations of different parts. They have OMSI class tomorrow, which is also about fossils, and they should have an opportunity to see a lot of better fossil samples there than I have here.
Naim with all of his Discoveries in Early Reading stuff.

Naim with all of his Discoveries in Early Reading stuff.

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